Xiaomi Vacuum Mop not Working-Best Fixes

Xiaomi Robot Mop has become the most selling product because of its unique features, which have made life much easier. However, there are some problems linked to it. That Xiaomi Vacuum Mop is not working. Here in this guide, we will discuss some most common issues which interrupt Xia
There are many reasons which cause the Robot Vacuum Mop not to work. Let’s explore them one by one.

Clogged Vacuum

Many problems are caused when you don’t care about cleaning your Xiaomi Robot vacuum Mop after usage. Other than this, there are some other issues as well. Let us tell you how to clean your Xiaomi Robot vacuum Mop and fix related issues.

Xiaomi Vacuum Mop not Working-Best Fixes

  • First, ensure your brushes are fitted in their specified place. E.g. there are specified brushes for the right and left sides of the Robot Vacuum Cleaner.
  • Clean the wheels and brushes Of your Robot Vacuum Mop. And make sure there is no debris or things like hairs left.
  • For deep cleaning, detach the brushes from the Mop and remove the dirt. Make sure no cotton and threads are left on it, which are obtained from the carpets.
  • Make sure your detachable objects are fitted well.
  • Remember to wash the Mop pad after usage.
  • Evacuate your dustbin right after usage. And reinstall it(dustbin) only when it is dry.
  • Clean the inner side of your Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner with a damp cloth.
  • Clean the filter of your Xiaomi Vacuum cleaner by detaching it.
  • Replace the filter when it’s too used or if damaged.

How to clean the sensors of the Xiaomi Robot vacuum Mop?

The dirty and damaged sensor makes Xiaomi Vacuum Mop not work. However, you are required to be very careful to clean them.
Clean your Robot Vacuum Cleaner sensors by wiping.
Try a smooth and simple cloth for wiping.

Check Every part is working.

If Xiaomi Vacuum Mop is not working, it might be possible that any of its parts will be damaged. These parts may include.


Check that the filter of your device is undamaged and is working correctly. Your filter needs replacement after every 4-6 months. Brushes. The brushes of your Xiaomi Vacuum Mop are not working over time. And are needed to be replaced every 3-6 months.

Parts of Xiaomi Robot vacuum Mop

Every part of the Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner is available separately. If your Robot Vacuum cleaner isn’t working, then examine the role which isn’t working correctly and replace it with a new one.

The Robot Vacuum Mop is not Charging

The Robot Vacuum cleaner will only work if it’s charging enough or having any battery issues. Make sure to mark the following checks before proceeding.

  • The charging is above 20%.
  • You’re not overcharging it. It means plugging off the charger after the Robot Vacuum is fully charged.
  • Check battery of your Vacuum Mop cleaner is working fine. If not, then replace it.

Reset Your Xiaomi Vacuum Mop

If Xiaomi Vacuum Mop is not working even after trying different tricks, most probably is the case a reset can help you. Perform the reset action as follows.

  • Turn on the charger, before heading to reset.
  • Now hold the plug and click on the wifi reset button.
  • Keep holding the plug button until you get the reset notification.


Q: Can I replace the mopping cloth of the Xiaomi Robot vacuum Mop?

Ans: yes, the Mopping cloth is replaced whenever required. You are also guided about it in the device manual.

Q: Can a disinfectant be used in the Xiaomi Robot vacuum Mop?

Ans: No, instead, it is strictly prohibited to use any Solid cleaner, disinfectant or detergent. It will affect the dust compartment, aside from the water tank.

Q: Are the brushes of the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum cleaner replaceable?

Ans: Yes, change them if required.

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Final Words

We hope that all of your queries are answered, and now you can examine and fix the problem with your Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop. If you have a question, you are welcome in the comment section.

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