Xiaomi Vacuum Battery Problem-Ultimate Guide

The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum is an advanced cleaning device manufactured by Xiaomi. A perfect gadget for cleaning perfectly. You can schedule it from work, and you will arrive to meet a clean house. It is controlled by installing an app on your device, and the manual is elementary to understand. Although Xiaomi Robot Vacuum is making life much easier, there is also Xiaomi Vacuum Battery Problem faced by users. Here we will discuss all the problems and proceed to their solutions.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Doesn’t Hold Charge

Suppose your Xiaomi Robot Mop isn’t working correctly and shuts off after working for a few minutes. The case is that it has lost its autonomy, and the problem will most probably be batteries. In Xiaomi, Robot Vacuum Battery Problems are particular. It is because all the batteries have a limited life span, and these end up working after a specific time. The dint of loading and unloading affects its functioning, and it will show some signs before breaking down, which include

Xiaomi Vacuum Battery Problem-Ultimate Guide

  • Taking a lot of time to charge.
  • Battery time decreases.
  • It turns off even before the charging ends.

If the same is the case with your device, keep going with us, and we will move to the solution. All signs mentioned above indicate problems with Battery. Let us take a tour of how to test a battery.

How To Test Xiaomi Robot vacuum battery life?

The test for Xiaomi Vacuum Battery problem proceeds as follows

  • Charge the Battery to its full potential by estimating the time from the given manual book.
  • After the charging has been done, remove the charger.
  • Soon after removing the charger, pull off the vacuum cleaner to access the Battery. Disconnect it and now, at its terminal, measure the voltage. The voltage must be equal to the voltage mentioned on it.
  • The very low or zero voltage supplies indicates the faulty Battery. Here Xiaomi Vacuum Battery replacement is made with a new battery.
  • If it shows the correct voltage, run your vacuum on mini power mode and count the time for its autonomy. If the discharge is faster than usual autonomy, the Battery is defective.

After all the testing if you have concluded that your Battery needs replacement, here is a guide on how to replace it.

Xiaomi Vacuum Battery Replacement

When you are done with battery testing, and it is confirmed that Battery isn’t working anymore, there is no option but to replace it. Replacement of Battery is usually easy but can vary for different models. The general methods are as follows:

  • Please turn off the Xiaomi Vacuum to access the bottom of it.
  • Usually, Battery is fitted on top; remove it from the robot vacuum.
  • Insert a new Battery, and make sure you have clipped it correctly and in place.
  • Cover the lid and let the vacuum charge fully.

Tips to Maintain the Battery of a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Although batteries have a specific life span, improper use can make xiaomi vacuum battery problem. Here are a few mistakes you must avoid to maintain a Xiaomi Robot Mop battery.

  • Avoid using your Robot Vacuum Mop with a low Battery.
  • Battery should be more than 20% when you use it.
  • Keep your vacuum out of direct sunlight.
  • Only charge it for a short time. Unplug the charger after full charging.
  • Keep your vacuum clean after usage.

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Q: which is the best Battery for the Xiaomi Robot vacuum for replacement?

Ans: Always choose the original Battery to Replace the defective Battery of the Xiaomi Robot vacuum cleaner. Always make sure of the originality of the product. Otherwise, it will not only reduce the working efficiency but can also affect the life span of your Robot vacuum.

Q: How long does the Battery of the Xiaomi Robot vacuum cleaner last?

A: The period of survival of the Battery depends on the chemistry of the vacuum and also on how carefully you maintain it.

Q: How to Control the Xiaomi Robot vacuum cleaner?

Ans: It is controlled by installing the app on your cell phone.

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