Why Is My Vacuum Spitting Stuff Back Out-Easy Solutions

A vacuum cleaner spitting stuff back out is not an unfamiliar issue. Users encounter this problem frequently. The major reason is a clog in your machine.

Debris build-up and certain objects such as pins and toothpicks cause blockage. Moreover, dirty filters also create clogs.

Another culprit is hair that entangles in the brush roller. Resultantly, the airflow is blocked and debris is spitted back.

Solution#1. Empty the Dust Bag

First of all, you should empty the dust bag of your vacuum cleaner. The dust container should not be filled completely. After emptying the bin, wipe it with a damp cloth.

Why Is My Vacuum Spitting Stuff Back Out-Easy Solutions

Solution#2. Clean the Filters

Your next job is to clean the filters of your cleaner. Some vacuums have washable filters. So, you can remove and wash them.

Dry out completely before inserting back. While some models do not have washable filters. But, you can still clean them with a dry cloth.

Be sure to consult the user manual before doing anything. If the filters have expired, replace them. This will solve the issue of dirt spitting back.

Solution#3. Unclog Your Vacuum

Check if the hose is clogged. Something may be stuck inside it. Usually, pet fur, hair, and small objects block the hose.

So, it cannot suck the debris and instead spits it back. Use the drain cleaner to unclog the hose. Likewise, the brush roller or the air duct can also get blocked.

Hair entangles in the brush and it cannot roll. Cut the hair with scissors and clean the brush thoroughly. To unclog narrow corners, use a stick.

Solution#4. Disable Spraying Mode

Certain models of cleaners perform dual functions. In addition to cleaning, they can also spray water or paint.

The user can change the settings between these two modes. So, deactivate the spraying mode and switch to the cleaning mode.

Solution#5. Fit the Hose Correctly

Vacuum cleaners can blow the air in addition to sucking. This depends on the position of the hose. Connect the hose to the right side. Check the functioning after connecting the hose to the other end.

Solution#6. Fit the Bag Properly

Check whether you have inserted the vacuum bag or not. If you have forgotten to install it, the cleaner will spit the trash back. However, if it is in place, make sure you have fitted the bag correctly.

Replace the bag if it is damaged. Because the debris circulates inside the machine. If the bag is not there, the trash will release back into the air.

Solution#7. Check the Belt and Plug

If the vacuum plug or electric motor is in reverse position, the trash will come out. So, check these components and fit them correctly. Another thing to check is the drive belt.

It may be twisted and running in the reverse direction. This can also cause the fan to blow in the opposite direction. Locate the belt by reviewing the user manual. Replace if it is broken, damaged, twisted, or expired.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vacuums

Read the following FAQs for getting more information about vacuum cleaners.

How often should I replace the filters of my vacuum cleaner?

Generally, you should replace your vacuum filters every 3-6 months. Some brands suggest replacing filters every month. It also depends on the usage habits. Furthermore, you can decide by looking at the condition of the filters.

What is the proper way to do vacuum cleaning perfectly?

Avoid vacuuming too quickly. If you vacuum slowly, the machine can suck up more dirt. So, your rugs, carpets, and floor are perfectly cleaned. The slow movement ensures the removal of every bit from the floor.

Should I vacuum first or dust first?

First, do the dusting and wiping. Then, vacuum the floor. The benefit is that all the dust will sit on the floor. So, the cleaner can suck it up easily.

Which vacuum is better, bagged or bagless?

Bagged vacuums are better and more efficient than bagless ones. There is an extra layer of protection in bagged filtration systems. They are more efficient in filtering the air. Thus, bagged models do not aggravate asthma or allergies.

How long can I use my vacuum cleaner continuously?

Running your machine for a long time can lead to overheating. So, you should not continuously run the vacuum for more than 60 minutes. Set a time limit to ensure your safety.

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Concluding Words

I have suggested multiple solutions to fix the issue. If you apply them correctly, your cleaner will start working fine. Vacuum-spitting dirt back is not a grave problem. It has simple causes and can be fixed at home.

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