Why Does My Shark Vacuum Not Turning ON-Best Solution

Shark vacuums are manufactured by Shark Ninja (officially, Shark Ninja Operating LLC). It is an American designer, marketer, and distributor. They deal with home devices and appliances. The company’s name is a combination of its two brands. Shark manufactures vacuum cleaners and devices similar to it. Ninja manufactures kitchen appliances. 

The company was established in 1994 as Euro-Pro Operating LLC. They changed their name to Shark Ninja Operating LLC in 2015. They manufacture these types of Vacuum cleaners: – 

  • Handheld Vacuums 
  • Robot Vacuums 
  • Stick Vacuums (corded and cordless) 
  • Upright Vacuums 
  • Cylinder Vacuums 

Why Does My Shark Vacuum Not Turning ON

You can face this problem with your Shark vacuum, it might not turn on. This problem can have many reasons but some of the major reasons with their solutions are discussed below:-

Why Does My Shark Vacuum Not Turning On-Best Solution

Dirt Bag 

Dirt bag stores all the dirt that comes into the Shark vacuum by suction during the cleaning process. Then, this dirt bag empties after the cleaning. If the dirt bag of your Shark vacuum is full and you haven’t got it empty, it might affect your Shark vacuum. It will not store more dirt in the dirt bag and the excess dirt will penetrate the Shark vacuum. This will end the Shark vacuum jamming and it’ll not turn on. 


  • Servicing the vacuum cleaner regularly 
  • When the dirt bag is around 75% full, clear it out 
  • Check the bag. If the dirt is jammed in the bag and can’t be cleaned, replace the dirt bag with a new one. 

Air Filter 

An air filter cleans the air coming in during the suction and separates the dirt from the air. This dirt then makes its way into the dirt bag. It also captures the particles if they try to penetrate the Shark vacuum. This air filter will get dirty and silt up. The Shark vacuum will not work properly, and it will start jamming and eventually switch off. Now it’ll not turn on until or unless you solve this problem. 

You can solve this problem by cleaning up the air filter. All the filters that come into the Shark vacuums are washable, so you can clean them by washing them. 


  • Expose the air filter by separating it from other parts. 
  • Mix some detergent into the water and wash it in that water. 
  • Douse the filter properly. 
  • As a wet filter is not efficient so let it dry 

Usually, the inner part of the air filter is clean and doesn’t need cleaning. If this problem continues, then you should replace it with a new one. 


If there is anything stuck in the hose of the Shark vacuum it can cause blockage. The debris or dirt going in will start getting stuck. After some time this will completely block the air passage and the Shark vacuum will lose its suction. This will fail the vacuum cleaner and it will not turn on. 


  • Don’t let your Shark vacuum suck any wet thing. 
  • Try to twist the vacuum cleaner hose. 
  • Use some soft thing to clean debris. 
  • If debris is hard, try some hard and thin thing, but carefully, it should not puncture the hose. 


1- Can you wash all the filters in a Shark vacuum? 

Yes, you can wash all the filters of your Shark vacuum. They might be HEPA filters on the models including them. 

2-How do you know when a vacuum is full? 

A sign that shows that the dirt bag of your Shark vacuum is full is that the suction power of the Shark vacuum becomes less than normal. You can also notice that dirt is also left behind during cleaning. 

3-Do sharks work on wet carpets? 

No, never do this. It will destroy your Shark vacuum. 

4-Why is my shark vacuum so hard to push on the carpet? 

The reason can be too high suction. Check for the modes respective to the surfaces. 

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Final Thoughts on Shark Vacuum

Shark vacuum is one of the modern-day vacuum cleaners. They use the latest technology in Shark vacuums. But they can also face problems. Sometimes they do not turn on. This can be due to distinct reasons. First, you should press the reset button. If the problem continues, then follow the user manual and find the problem. Then solve this problem accordingly. 

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