Weslo Treadmill Not Starting-Causes and Solutions

In some situations, the treadmill has power but fails to start. In this guide, I would teach you how to fix your Weslo treadmill if it is not starting. You may be thinking why this issue arises.

My personal experience says that it happens due to some common mistakes. For example, some users do not lubricate the belt regularly.

Moreover, some of us do not read and follow the user manual. When we ignore the manufacturer’s instructions, our machines start malfunctioning. But, do not worry, we can still fix it.

Tip#1. Insert Safety Key

Most Weslo treadmills have a safety key. It should be inserted into the machine. Otherwise, it will not start. Turn OFF your machine and remove the safety key. Then, insert it back properly and turn ON the machine.

Tip#2. Try a Power Cycle

A simple power cycle can help. I fix many of my devices just by power cycling. Here is how to do it with your Weslo;

  1. While your machine is turned ON, unplug it from the power outlet.
  2. Alternatively, you can locate the power button on the machine and switch it OFF.
  3. Wait for 5 minutes. Then, turn your treadmill back again. Connect it to the power source and switch it ON.

Weslo Treadmill Not Starting-Causes and Solutions

Tip#3. Lubricate and Check the Belt

If your Weslo is not starting, it may be facing too much friction. The belt is not lubricated. Therefore, it is very stretched. The solution is to lubricate the belt and other parts.

But, always use the recommended lubricant. You should lubricate the belt at least every 3 months. Also, examine the belt for any breaks. A broken belt will not start the machine. So, replace it with a new one.

Tip#4. Relieve Overheating

Overheating is another reason your Weslo fails to start. It happens when you run it continuously or at high speed. Especially, commercial treadmills are more vulnerable to overheating.

Another cause is keeping the machine plugged into the power board. You should disconnect the power completely when it is not in use.

Now, turn OFF your treadmill completely and let it cool down for 3-5 hours. Hopefully, it will start working normally afterward.

Tip#5. Adjust Screws

Too tight or too loose screws also jam the machine. Hence, it fails to start. Access the rear tension bar of the belt. It has one screw on each side. Turn ON your treadmill and run it at the lowest speed.

Use an Allen wrench to adjust the screw. Move the screw clockwise to tighten it. Do the opposite to lose the extra tension. By adjusting the screws properly, you can fix the treadmill.

Tip#6. Check the Speed Controls

Bad speed controls or sensors can also create such issues. You can check them with a simple trick.

  1. Switch ON the machine and put it at the lowest speed. Let it run for a few minutes.
  2. Then, mount on the deck and start walking. Now, increase the speed a little.
  3. Wait for a few minutes each time and keep on increasing the speed gradually.
  4. The speed controls are bad if the machine stops at high speed.

Tip#7. Check the Console

The console of your Weslo might have failed. Therefore, it fails to start. So, make sure the console is getting power. Use a multimeter to check input and output.

Moreover, the console should light up and display information. Otherwise, it needs to be replaced or repaired.

Tip#8. Contact Weslo

Please double-check all the parts and try each remedy. These basic troubleshooting tricks should fix your treadmill. However, if it is still not starting then you must contact Weslo.

Explain your problem and ask for a solution. If the product is under warranty, the company is liable for a replacement or free repair.

Otherwise, you have to pay the repair fee. Alternatively, you can call a nearby professional technician.

FAQs Related to Weslo Treadmill

Here are some important questions. Review them to know more about treadmills and exercise.

Why does my treadmill stop after a few minutes of workout?

Overheating is the major cause if your treadmill stops after a few minutes. It happens due to friction and lack of lubrication. So, lubricate the belt and check again.

How long should I work out as a beginner on my treadmill?

As a beginner, you should start at a moderate walking pace. The beginning speed should be between 2.5-3 mph. Initially, a 5-15 minutes workout is enough. Increase time and speed gradually. Once you get used to it, start jogging, running, and inclining.

How to start a workout on the Weslo treadmill?

First, connect your machine to a power source. Turn it ON by pressing the power button. Once, the walking belt moves, press the “Start” or “Speed Up” button to initiate a workout.

Is a treadmill workout as beneficial as an outside workout?

Obviously, there are many differences between the two. A treadmill workout is consistent and predictable. However, it may not burn calories effectively. While an outside walk may be distracting or inconsistent. But, the natural environment has a very soothing and refreshing effect. I say, it all depends on your personal choice of where you feel more comfortable.

Does a treadmill have any side effects?

Treadmills create an artificial workout environment. It cannot compete with the outside natural environment. Despite having heavy cushioning, the treadmill can still cause joint pain. It affects ankles, knees, and hips by putting some extra pressure. So, start jogging and running at a slow pace.

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Concluding Words

As you learned, a few simple steps can save us from problems. Furthermore, you learned to fix your Weslo treadmill that was not starting. It is suggested to maintain your treadmill properly. If the problem is complicated, please consult a professional.

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