Weslo Treadmill Has no Power-Quick Troubleshooting

Do you own a Weslo treadmill? You might have faced different functional issues. For example, Weslo has no power. It is important to fix the machine whether you use it at home or at the commercial level.

Because exercising machines are prone to minor issues. Hence, I suggest you learn to troubleshoot your machine. I personally prefer to fix my appliances myself.

Honestly speaking, I cannot spend 2-3 days waiting for the technician. My guide will make you independent in the matter of your Weslo. Let us try some quick remedies.

Solution#1. Ensure Adequate Power Supply

The most probable culprit is your electrical outlet. So, the first thing you should do is check the power supply outlet. Unplug your machine and then plug it back firmly.

Connect a lamp, charger, or some other device to the power outlet. In this way, you can confirm whether the electrical outlet has a current or not.

If it is faulty, connect it to some other outlet. Never use an extension cord. Instead, plug your treadmill directly into the outlet.

Weslo Treadmill Has no Power-Quick Troubleshooting

Solution#2. Examine Power Cord

The power cord may be the culprit. Usually, we do not bother to check it. But, now you have to examine the power cord.

Look for any cuts, bends, twists, or exposed areas. Small defects can be covered by electrical tape. However, a too-damaged cord should be replaced.

Solution#3. Check Breaker or Fuse

Your home or gym has a main power supply panel. It has fuses or breakers for each circuit. Reach the main panel and check all the breakers.

If a breaker is tripped, reset or replace it. Also, fix the blown fuses. Also, check the breaker or power switch on your treadmill.

Solution#4. Test Voltage

Test the lower power board of your treadmill. The main components including the motor and power board are easily accessible. First, inspect them visually.

The power LED should be blinking and the fan should be running. It indicates that the machine is receiving power. Moreover, check the voltage input and output to and from the console.

You can check the voltage with a multimeter. The low or inadequate voltage will not start the machine.

Solution#5. Inspect Wiring and Connections

Next, you have to inspect the connections and wiring. Check all the wires around the motor and power board. Find any exposed, damaged, or burnt wires.

Sometimes, the soldering joints even melt due to overheating. So, different components lose connection.

Examine all these aspects carefully. Then, repair or replace the dead wires and solder the detached joints.

Solution#6. Consult Weslo

I am sure the above-mentioned remedies will fix your Weslo. The power issue can be external or internal. So, you have to double-check everything. In some unfortunate situations, nothing can help.

But, do not worry, you have put in your effort. Now, it is time to seek professional help. I recommend you consult Weslo customer support.

Whether your treadmill is new or old, you should always contact the company. Because the manufacturer can diagnose and solve the issue in the best way. Alternatively, you can call a nearby certified technician.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more queries about treadmills and workouts? If yes, read the following informative questions.

Is it worth repairing my Weslo treadmill?

Weslo is an inexpensive and average brand. So, you should go for a repair after considering some important factors. I recommend you fix the minor issues that cost a little. However, think before replacing the major components such as the motor or power board. If your machine is too old and the repair cost is too high then you should buy a new treadmill.

Are Weslo treadmills suitable for running or jogging?

Yes, Weslo treadmills are also suitable for running. It is good for light jogging and walking. It is a compact and foldable exercise machine. Weslo can withstand about 275 lbs of user weight.

Can treadmills break due to extra user weight?

Always follow the recommended guidelines written in the user manual. Do not put more than the suggested weight on your treadmill. The extra load can damage the controller or the motor. Because the machine has to do more effort and overheats.

How much electricity a does treadmill use?

A treadmill uses around 600-700 watts. It may cost you about $1.50 monthly. You can reduce electricity usage by unplugging the machine when it is not in use. Another tip is to install solar panels.

How many minutes I should spend on the treadmill every day?

On average, it is recommended to spend 150-300 minutes per week. A 30 minutes walk on the treadmill is enough for a day. You should maintain this routine regularly. There is no issue in doing a workout daily.

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Concluding Words

Generally, loose connections or broken wires can cause power issues. In some cases, the external or internal power supply board can be defective. While motor or console failure also leads to such issues. By checking all these aspects you can recover power to your Weslo treadmill.

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