Weslo Treadmill Display not Working-Best Solutions

Weslo was founded in 1977 by Scott Waterson and Gary Stevenson. Their main goal was to pay for their education. Starting with simple home products, we shifted to home fitness products after recognizing market trends.

The company that originally manufactured trampolines has expanded to include treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machines, and a home gym. In 1988, Weslo was acquired by market giant Weider Health & Fitness.

In 1994, Weslo joined Icon Health and Fitness Inc, a multi-brand company. Weslo treadmills are not very popular these days. Yes, they are frugal but they have also lowered their standards to keep the price down.

Many of the parts like the engine and belts are of very poor quality. It is no exaggeration to say that it was made just for walking. Many issues have also been reported by users over the years.

  • Display problem
  • Inconsistent speed
  • Belt slip
  • Burning smell

Weslo Treadmill Display not Working-Best Solutions

Weslo treadmill display not working

There can be many reasons for the display not working. The first step is to find and identify the problem. The second step is to solve them accordingly. This problem can come due to various reasons as follows.

Power Outlet

The problem can also be with your power outlet. If the outlet is providing more or less power than required then it can have a bad impact on the display of your Weslo treadmill.


Take a voltmeter and measure the voltage being provided by the power outlet. If it is providing the same or almost equal amount of voltage required then it is good. If it is providing a voltage that is way higher or lower than the required then you should immediately change your power outlet.


There can be a short circuit in the wiring of the display. If the voltage difference has done damage or the wires have been touching each other then, it is a short circuit. This makes the wires inefficient and the display doesn’t work.


First, discover the wires which have been damaged due to a short circuit. If the wires are repairable then you should repair them. If you cannot repair them, then replace them with new ones.


The problem can also be with the console. If the console is not working well the display will faint or even it might die out. This can majorly affect your Weslo treadmill. If you’ll ignore this and will keep on running the Weslo treadmill, the whole machine will die out eventually.


These consoles can be repaired if the problem is spotted in time. You can send it back to the company and they’ll repair it. On the other hand, if unfortunately, you couldn’t spot the problem on time and console will die out. Then there’ll be the only solution. You have to replace your console with a new one.


There are models of Weslo treadmills that use batteries. If you have been using your Weslo treadmill for a long time, the battery will die out. The battery will also die out due to

  • Excessive charge
  • Using the Weslo treadmill until its last breath
  • Not charging the battery properly
  • Not using and charging the Weslo treadmill regularly


1-How do you adjust the incline on a Weslo treadmill?

To use this tilt feature, you must walk to the edge of the treadmill deck and fold the two legs of the treadmill so that the deck remains tilted.

2-What level should I set my Weslo treadmill?

Typically, 2-4 mph is walking pace, 4-5 mph is brisk walking or light jogging, and 5+ mph is jogging or running.

3-What is the LCD on the Weslo treadmill?

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL LCD SCREEN LCD screen displays scan, time, speed (0.5-6.5 MPH), and calories. This critical data is updated accurately and quickly, helping you see first-hand your daily performance and progress.

4-What is an LCD indicator?

An LCD consists of two glass plates with a liquid between them. A TFT display is also an LCD, only with the addition of color filters and active control with transistors. There are many different versions: text, graphic, 7-segment, and symbol-based versions.

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Final Thoughts:

You can face this problem due to various reasons. These reasons can include defective power plugs, defective wiring, and console, and battery problem. First, you should identify the problem. Afterward, progress towards the solution.

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