Weslo Treadmill Belt not Moving-Ultimate Solutions

Weslo company was established in 1977 by Scott Waterson and Gary Stevenson. Their primary goal was to fulfill their educational expenses.

Starting from basic home products, it shifted to home fitness products after realizing the market trends. Originally making trampolines, the company expanded into treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machines, and home gyms.

In 1988, Weslo went under the market giant, Weider Health & Fitness. In 1994, Weslo was handed over to Icon Health and Fitness Inc, under which different brands are diversified. 

Today Weslo treadmills are not quite popular among people. Yes, they are economical but to keep prices low they also dropped the standard.

Many of their parts, like the motor and belt, are of very low quality. It would not be wrong if we say that they are only made for walking. Many problems have also been reported by users over the years. 

Weslo Treadmill Belt not Moving-Ultimate Solutions

  • Display problems 
  • Inconsistent speed 
  • Belt slipping or jammed 
  • Burning smell 

Weslo treadmill belt not moving 

There can be many reasons for the belt not moving. There is a simple process, locate the problem, find the reason and solve the problem. 

Misaligned belt 

Treadmill belts can shift to one side or the other over time. The treadmill can move left or right over time. But excessive deviation may cause the belt to jam. Stand at the rear of the machine and inspect the belt. 


If it is misaligned, you may need to turn the rear roller adjustment screw to center it. These screws adjust both belt tension and centering. Follow the instructions in your owner’s manual. It tells you which of the two screws to tighten or loosen to re-center the belt. 

Belt Tension 

If the belt is too tight, it can create so much tension that the engine cannot turn it. This is most likely the cause of the belt not moving if the belt tension has been adjusted recently. This problem will not allow you to exercise accordingly. 


Lift the end of the strap. If you can’t lift at least 2-3 inches off the walking deck, your belt is too tight. After that loosen the strap according to the instructions in the owner’s manual. A hex wrench is required to loosen the rear roller adjustment screw. Afterward, the problem will be solved. 

Console Wires 

If your treadmill is not moving, Horizon Fitness recommends checking your console wiring at this instant. The console cable connects to the main cable that runs inside the treadmill perpendicular to the motor circuit board consequently. 


Make sure the connection between the two wires is secure significantly. The connector should normally click into place. Remove and reconnect wires. Secondly, make sure the wires running through the posts are not pinched or kinked. 


1-Can you incline Weslo treadmill? 

This feature is present in some models significantly. To use this tilt feature, you must go to the edge of the treadmill deck and fold the two treadmill legs so that the deck remains tilted. So, the treadmill will become inclined. 

2-What is the weight limit on a Weslo treadmill? 

The weight limit on the Weslo treadmill is 275 lbs. 

3-What is the 12/3 30 treadmill rule? 

The 12-3-30 workout is pretty simple. Set the treadmill to 12% incline and 3.0 speed and walk for 30 minutes. We found that 30 minutes of 12 inclines and 3 speeds on the treadmill was easy enough to do often but challenging enough to feel a sense of accomplishment afterward. 

4-Why do treadmills ask for your weight? 

Many treadmills have calorie counters. Therefore, you can increase accuracy by entering your weight. Remember, the more weight you gain, the more calories you burn. If the machine does not request your weight, in that case, the displayed calorie data may be inaccurate. 

5-Does the treadmill has to be perfectly level? 

An uneven treadmill can cause treadmill slippage, uneven treadmill wear, and injury to the user. Adjusting the rear foot can help if the treadmill is placed on an uneven surface but may not fully compensate for very uneven surfaces. 

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Final Thoughts:

If you are facing this problem, for instance, the belt of your Weslo treadmill is not working, find the reason. There can be many reasons, such as tight belts, consoles, motors, slipped belts, etc. After finding the problem, solve it accordingly. 

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