Viper Alarm Stuck in Silent Mode-The Best Troubleshooting Guide

Last updated on March 25th, 2023 at 10:15 pm

A Viper alarm is installed for the purpose of vehicle security. It is a huge problem if the alarm is stuck in silent mode. Because it will not inform you that someone is trying to steal your car.

So, it is essential to fix the issue as soon as possible. Here, I will tell you some effective ways to get out of this trouble.

How does Viper Alarm Behave When Stuck in Silent Mode?

The alarm may give off one or two chirps and then become silent. In some cases, it keeps on sounding normally and then goes off. While its indicator light is blinking.

Some car owners noticed that the horn was chirping very faintly. Another reported case says that it sounds loud, fades, and then becomes silent.

Tip#1. Restart the Alarm

If the LED is flashing, it indicates the alarm is powered ON. But, it is stuck in silent mode. However, you can take it out by restarting it. Here is how to do it;

  1. Open the driver’s door of your car.
  2. On the remote, press the “Lock>Unlock>Lock buttons in a sequence.
  3. The horn will start chirping.
  4. You can repeat this process again if it does not work on the first attempt.

Viper Alarm Stuck in Silent Mode-The Best Troubleshooting Guide

Tip#2. Exit the Valet Mode

A solid alarm LED indicates that it is in Valet mode. The alarm stops chirping in this case. Hence, you should get out of the valet mode.

  1. Locate the Valet button. Generally, it is found under the driver’s side dashboard. Look at the kick panel, trim panel, or wiring harness.
  2. Turn the car ignition ON but do not start the car.
  3. Turn the ignition OFF.
  4. Now, press and hold the Valet/Program button for 10 seconds.
  5. Release the button when the LED light glows solid red.

Tip#3. Reset Viper Alarm

Sometimes, the alarm needs a simple reset. It solved all the problems. After resetting, the horn will get out of silent mode.

Method 1

  1. Turn ON the alarm and wait for the LED indicator.
  2. Start the process when you notice the alarm is chirping silently.
  3. Point the fob key toward your car.
  4. Wait for 6 seconds and press the “Lock” button.
  5. Hopefully, it will start sounding now.

Method 2

  1. Insert the key into the ignition and move it to the “ON” position.
  2. Now, trace the wires of your Viper alarms that are connected to the power source or battery.
  3. Unplug the power cord from the source inside the hood.
  4. The alarm will shut OFF completely.
  5. Leave it for 60 seconds to 5 minutes.
  6. Turn OFF the ignition.
  7. Plug the wires back into the power source.
  8. Finally, turn ON the car and the security system.

Tip#4. Check the Wiring

The issue can happen due to loose or damaged wiring. Check all the wires connected to the horn. Look for any loose connections, or broken, damaged, or worn-out wires.

Replace the faulty cables. Also, look for corrosion in the horn and its surrounding areas. The greenish or black color indicates rust or a short circuit.

Tip#5. Moisture Damage

Sometimes, moisture, rain, or water enters the security system or the horn. Hence, the siren speaker fails.

Light moisture can be removed by blow drying. Simply, dry the horn with a hair dryer. However, too much damage cannot be reversed.

Tip#6. Activate Arming Function

Enable the active arming feature of your Viper. It can be done as follows;

  1. Take the remote control of your Viper alarm.
  2. Locate the padlock button on the remote.
  3. Press and hold the lit icon or button for 1 second or until the horn sounds.

Tip#7. Install New Alarm

Be sure to double-check all the wires and connections. Also, apply all the troubleshooting tricks. If nothing helps, your alarm has gone bad. Especially, a 3-5-year-old security system that needs replacement.

So, you have to invest in a new Viper alarm system. But, consult a professional car mechanic. He may diagnose the root cause and fix the system.

Tip#8. Contact Viper

The above-mentioned methods should fix the issue. Otherwise, you should contact Viper customer support. Your alarm may be defective.

The company can accept a replacement/repair claim if the product is under warranty.

FAQs Related to Viper Car Alarm

Following frequently asked questions will help you further in fixing your vehicle security system.

What is valet mode in a car security system?

Valet mode provides an additional security feature. Only the owner can use the vehicle in valet mode. It does not give access to the load space. Moreover, a thief cannot operate and use the touchscreen, to get the phone numbers or navigation addresses.

What does it mean when my vehicle alarm beep 4 times?

4 beeps inform you that something is open in the car. For example, a door, engine lid, or hood is not properly closed. So, you should check all these parts before going on a drive.

How can I shut OFF my Viper alarm?

The siren starts sounding when it detects a threat. Start the car or unlock the door to shut it OFF. Sometimes, it continues chirping. In this case, disconnect the horn from the battery.

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Concluding Words

By following a few simple suggestions, you can get your Viper alarm out of silent mode. The temporary problem can be effectively eliminated by this guide. In some cases, the horn fails completely. So, it needs to be replaced.

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