Vacuum Pump Not Pulling Enough-An Ultimate Guide

Vacuum pumps are one of the most used products. You have to be very careful in the selection of the pump. Even after making the most suitable choice of Vacuum pump, you may encounter issues, including the Vacuum Pump Not Pulling Enough.

In many cases, if the vacuum pump is not working, you may go for costly solutions. Knowing the causes of Vacuum pump failure is crucial to maintain proper functioning and avoiding expensive repairs.

There are many factors that will cause the vacuum pump not to work. Let’s discuss what causes a vacuum pump to fail.

Electricity check

First, you must check that the electricity sources are working properly and don’t have any problems. Check the fuse is transferring the electricity. The outlet is working fine, and there is no fault in the cord of your Vacuum Pump. All these causes the Vacuum pump not to pull enough.

Vacuum Pump Not Pulling Enough-An Ultimate Guide


The most common problem in the pump system is Vacuum leakages. There are several places where the leakage can happen and cause the Vacuum Pump to Not Pulling Enough. Here we will describe where to examine these leakages and how to fix them.

Gland packing leakage

It is usually observed that the leakages happen in the gland packing area. And cause the Vacuum pump not to pull enough.


The gland packing leakage which causes the vacuum pump not to pull enough can be resolved by

  • Tightening the packing
  • If it leaks after tightening, you must replace the packing.

Body Gasket Leakage

The solution to Body gasket leakage can be

  • Tight/twist the body bolts properly.
  • In case of leakage isn’t stopping, replace it( body gasket).

Leakage of Body plugs

Examine the body plugs of your Vacuum pump. The leakage in body plugs causes the Vacuum pump to not pull enough. The solutions to these are.

  • Tight the plugs of your Vacuum pump.
  • Check if there is any corrosion on the body threads and plug threads. In case of extreme corrosion, replace them.

Castings leakage

If there is any corrosion, insertion, or erosion of complex objects, it will cause leakage through castings. Fix them because it will affect vacuum pulling.


Overheating is another factor that causes the Vacuum pump not to pull enough. Let’s jump into the cause and solutions to this overheating.

  • The excess of lubrication. Check the levels of oil in this regard.
  • The amount of high temperature at the vacuum pump’s inlet causes overheating. In this case, reduce the inlet pressure.
  • If there is a high ratio of compression. Examine discharge and suction pressure.
  • There can be a problem with the cooling water flow. So keep cleaning the cooling water line.
  • ┬áThe discharged port or line will cause clogging. And will increase back pressure. So make sure these are cleaned and drained.

Broken Gear

An improper and low level of lubricant can cause a broken Gear. Solutions to this problem are

  • You have to change the lubricant.
  • Keep refilling the lubricant.

Why My vacuum pump is not starting?

If the vacuum pump is not pulling enough or not starting, then there are various steps you have to take to examine these issues.

  • Check if the pump is connected correctly.
  • Replace the motor if the operating system isn’t matching it.
  • A clogged exhaust filter will also affect the activation of the motor. Clean this clogged filter or replace it with a new one if needed.

Why doesn’t the pump reach ultimate pressure?

A pump will not reach its ultimate pressure and will ultimately cause the Vacuum pump not to pull enough if any of these situations appear.

  • Use of the wrong Gauge.
  • If the fitting of pipes is loosened or there is an external leak.
  • A clogged filter causes insufficient lubrication
  • The pump needs to be fixed, and the capacity needs to be higher.


You can solve all the problems mentioned above:

  • Using the correct gauge.
  • Examine all the fittings are tight.
  • Repair the damaged valves.
  • Keep cleaning the oil lines, change the oil when needed, and keep the filter clean.
  • Clean vacuum lines.
  • Replace the pump if it’s not working correctly.

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Final words

If you examine your Vacuum pump step by step and succeed in finding what makes the Vacuum pump not pulling enough, It will be easier to find the solution. In this case, a suitable situation will be to compare the condition of a new Vacuum pump and an old one. This Comparison will help you to see if there is any external problem; otherwise, you can go for troubleshooting.

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