Vacuum Cleaner Smells Like Burning-The Best Troubleshooting Tips

Never ignore if your vacuum cleaner gives a burning smell. Check your machine, diagnose the problem, and solve it. Otherwise, it can lead to a serious hazard. In extreme cases, vacuums can damage permanently.

So, it is vital to fix the issue. Before going to a repair shop, you can check a few basic things at home. This checkup will help you find out the underlying issue.

With a little effort, we can troubleshoot the appliance at home. So, let us learn how to do it.

How to Fix If Vacuums Give Burning Smell?

In most cases, the air from the cleaner smells burnt. It indicates that the motor is defective. All this starts from overheating.

Sometimes, the internal components start melting. However, there are many other reasons. Let us consider each cause and its solution.

Vacuum Cleaner Smells Like Burning-The Best Troubleshooting Tips

Tip#1. Unclog the Motor Filter

The motor of a vacuum has filters to get cool air. Unobstructed airflow is necessary to prevent overheating. Because the motor generates huge amount of heat when it runs. The filters trap the dirt and send clean air.

But, these filters get clogged over time. Thus, the internal heat cannot dissipate properly and cool air cannot make its way.

Review the user manual and locate the motor/engine filters. Clean or replace them to prevent overheating.

Tip#2. Clean Exhaust Filter

Exhaust filters are located at the back or top of the cleaner. They are used to filter the exhaust air. Therefore, they can get clogged with the passage of time.

You should check and clean these filters. If they are in bad condition, consider replacing them.

Tip#3. Clear Blockages

A blockage in major parts of the cleaner can also cause overheating. Check the hose or suction nozzle. This blockage puts extra pressure on the motor.

If it detects low airflow, the motor works hard to maintain the level. Resultantly, more heat is generated. Carefully, check the hose, nozzle, brush roller, connectors, dust bag, and other parts for any blockage.

The hose can be checked by dropping a coin. If the coin does not come out of the other end, an obstruction is confirmed. A snake clog remover can be used to clear the hose.

Tip#4. Check the Belt

Does your vacuum smell like burning rubber? If yes, its belt is melting. The belt is an easy prey for overheating. It can damage due to stretching, tearing, or heat blistering.

Replacing the belt is a simple solution. However, you should purchase a compatible belt for your specific brand.

Check the belt replacement method in the user guide. If you are not confident, take help from a professional. Because installing the part wrongly can lead to further issues.

Tip#5. Check the Power Outlet

The culprit may be the power outlet or the power cable. First, check the power cord of your machine. It should not be too hot. Otherwise, it is melting internally. Next, check the wall power outlet.

You may have plugged your vacuum into a heavy or light circuit. A light circuit cannot deliver the required power. Thus, the electrical socket burns out. Be sure to plug the switch tightly into the outlet.

Moreover, connect to a different power circuit. There can be a problem with your home’s electrical wiring. So, seek help from a certified electrician.

Tip#6. Clean Brush Roller

Check the brush roller or the beater bar. Hair, fur, or threads entangle in it. Thus the brush roller fails to spin and clean.

But, the motor keeps running. This results in overheating and burning. So, detach the brush roller and clean it properly.

Tip#7. Test the Motor

Most likely, a burning smell is due to the above-mentioned reasons. However, if the vacuum has passed all the tests, its motor has burnt. Generally, it happens due to wear and tear as the machine gets old.

Other reasons include continuous overheating, a power surge, or a short circuit. Although motors can be repaired or replaced yet it is not worth it. Because some brands do not have spare parts.

Moreover, the replacement or repair is too costly. Instead, you should purchase a new cleaner.

Tip#8. Smoke with Burning Smell

In some cases, smoke is also given out along with the odor. This is a clear sign of a damaged motor or some other part. However, there can be a half-burnt cigarette inside the dust bag.

Likewise, some other objects may be trapped and give out smoke. So, check the dirt bag and empty it. If still, smoke is coming out, the motor has burnt. Avoid turning ON your cleaner and go for a repair.

FAQs Related to Vacuum Cleaners

If you have more queries regarding vacuum cleaners and their problems, get help from the following answers.

Can vacuum cleaners catch fire?

Vacuum cleaner catching fire is an uncommon issue. However, it can happen in some situations. For example, if the belt or motor burns up. Maintain your machine properly and avoid using it in case of any malfunction.

What are the vacuum cleaner safety tips?

Here are some safety measurements to keep in mind while using your vacuum cleaner. Unplug your vacuum from the power outlet when not in use. Do not use the machine on wet surfaces. Do not pick up toxic, flammable, glass, screws, coins, nails, and sharp objects.

Are vacuum cleaners dangerous for the environment?

Vacuum cleaners are not too hazardous to the environment. But, they are dangerous when disposed of. A lot of vacuum bags, filters, and lithium-ion batteries are dumped in landfills. These materials are biodegradable.

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Concluding Words

You should stop using your vacuum cleaner if it gives a burning smell. Check all the issues mentioned above and apply the fixes. If nothing helps, consult the manufacturer or a nearby repair shop.

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