Vacuum Cleaner Overheating Problem-Best Solutions

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James Spangler came up with the idea of an electric broom handle with a filter and bag to collect dust. He sold the concept to William Hoover in 1908. It was the first practical domestic vacuum cleaner.

A vacuum cleaner is a device that provides suction to remove dirt from floors, padding, drapes, and other surfaces. A vacuum cleaner is usually operated by electric means. Dirt is collected in the dirt bag or cyclone for the subsequent spill. Vacuum cleaners come in different sizes and designs depending on the requirement. In essence, the vacuum cleaners were divided into three types:

  • Manual vacuums
  • Motorized vacuum cleaner
  •   Household vacuum cleaner

Problems encountered with aspirators

  • Lacks suction
  • Extensive Noise
  • Overheating

Numerous issues are reported by users. These are among the most common issues reported.

Vacuum Cleaner Overheating Problem-Best Solutions


A rapid, very excessive production of heat can cause harm to the machine and accidents. Vacuum cleaners also get overheated. It usually occurs because the dirt from the dirt bag has not been disposed of, the air filter has not been cleaned, or a blockage has occurred in the air passage.

Dirt Bag

The dirt bag stores all the dirt that comes into the vacuum cleaner by suction during the cleaning process. This dirt is then removed from the dirt bag when the cleaning is done. If the dirt bag is not cleaned properly or on a regular basis, dirt or debris will accumulate in the motor and clog the vacuum cleaner. Eventually, the vacuum cleaner may end up jamming, overheating, and then shutting down.

The following measures should be taken:-

  • Servicing the vacuum cleaner regularly
  • When the dirt bag is around 75% full, clear it out

Air Filter

This problem can be solved by taking the following measures:

  • Keeping track of the vacuum cleaner and cleaning the dirt bag on a regular basis.
  • servicing the vacuum cleaner regularly
  • When the dirt bag is around 75% full, clear the bag. Don’t wait for the dirt bag to get 100% full to clear it out and avoid it collapsing.
  • Check the bag. If the dirt is jammed in the bag and can’t be cleaned, replace the dirt bag with a new one.

A vacuum air filter cleans the air coming into the vacuum cleaner. It also captures the particles if they penetrate the vacuum cleaner. This air filter will become dirty and clogged as time passes; if not cleaned, it will become dirty and clogged. When this happens, the efficiency of the air filter is compromised, which results in the vacuum motor working harder. All of this causes the vacuum cleaner to overheat.

This problem with washable air filters can be solved by following these measures:

  • Open the screws of the vacuum cleaner and expose the filter.
  • The air filter is to be removed from the vacuum.
  • Dip the air filter in the water, mix some detergent, and wash it.
  • Drench the filter properly.
  • Let the air filter dry out completely because a damp air filter will not be efficient

This problem with the non-washable air filter can be solved by the following measures:

  • Open the screws of the vacuum cleaner and expose the filter section.
  • The air filter is to be removed from the vacuum.
  • Take a brush and remove the excess dust from the filter by hand, then lint it from outside.
  • Examine it carefully and replace it.

Usually, the inside part of the air is already clean and doesn’t need cleaning. Whenever one notices that the filter is dirty, it should be cleaned.

If the problem still continues after this, the air filter should be replaced with a new one. So the problem is solved.

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Blockage in the vacuum hose is common. Any build-up inside the pipe is able to stick to the hair or other fibers, consequently trapping larger debris inside the hose and causing a blockage. A clogged or blocked vacuum cleaner hose results in a loss of suction power. Suction is no longer supported by the vacuum cleaner as the air flow is blocked by the debris stuck inside the hose. Thus, the vacuum cleaner is no longer able to clean.

The following measures can be taken to solve the blockage problem:

  • Blockage can be undone by twisting the vacuum cleaner hose.
  • If the dirt is pretty solid, a soft feather can be used to pull the dirt apart.
  • If the blockage is very hard, you can use a broomstick, but do it very carefully.
  • If all of this doesn’t work out, an iron wire can be used. But do it carefully, as the vacuum cleaner hose can also get punctured.

Overheating is a genuine problem with vacuum cleaners due to various reasons. But it can be prevented and solved by taking precautionary measures.

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