Vacmaster Vacuum Chamber Not Sealing-Fix Like A Pro

VacMaster vacuum chamber sealers are very popular. But, sometimes, it stops sealing. Although the timer starts yet there is no vacuum or sealing. This problem can occur due to a few common reasons.

For example, the sealer bar may be defective. Likewise, the control board has gone wrong. In this guide, we will consider each cause and its solution.

Tip#1. Check the ON/OFF Switch

Please check the ON/OFF switch of your chamber sealer. The switch may be faulty or broken. Therefore, the machine is failing to seal the pouches.

Additionally, check the power supply. Plug the sealer firmly into the electrical outlet. Poor or no power supply can be the cause of the issue.

Vacmaster Vacuum Chamber Not Sealing-Fix Like A Pro

Tip#2. Improve Sealing Process and Time

First of all, you should learn how to seal properly. Place the entire pouch on the sealer bar. Follow the correct sealing steps. Learn the process here.

Another cause is the short sealing time. So, you should increase and set a high time. Then, try again. Hopefully, the machine will work now.

Tip#3. Clean Your VacMaster

Moist pouches or sealer bars also cause this issue. Clean the pouches from the inside and outside. They should not have any moisture or debris. Moreover, there should be no food particles or debris in the sealing area.

The pouch should have no wrinkles. Likewise, clean the sealer bar and surrounding areas. You can use a clean cloth to wipe it out.

Tip#4. Use Original Pouches

Using cheap and non-standard pouches can be a reason your chamber is not sealing. The company recommends using the original VacMaster pouches.

Because they give the best results. These pouches are heavy-duty and made of poly nylon. Moreover, they are resistant to puncture and abrasion.

While aftermarket pouches can puncture easily. Thus, air pressure sweeps out. Therefore, you should use the original packets.

Tip#5. Test the Sealer Bar

The sealer bar is also called the heater bar. If it receives no current, your chamber will not seal the pouches.

So, the sealer bars need to be tested. Use a Multimeter to test their continuity. The bars need to be replaced if no resistance is detected.

Tip#6. Replace the Circuit Board

If the sealer bars have full continuity, the issue may be in the circuit board. The circuit board is the main component of the machine. It controls every action.

So, its failure leads to many issues. A professional technician can test the circuit board. It can be repaired or replaced according to the fault.

Tip#7. Contact VacMaster

Many users have reported that their new sealer is posing this issue. So, they contacted the company and asked for repair. First, you should check the basic things. If all is fine, contact VacMaster customer support.

Because the problem is intricate and you cannot diagnose it at home. I would not recommend repairing your appliance without any prior experience.

The best solution is to send it to the manufacturer for repair or replacement. You can get a replacement if the unit is under warranty and has a built-in fault.

Frequently Asked Questions About VacMaster

If you have more queries regarding vacuum chamber sealers, get help from the following answers.

How does VacMaster chamber sealer work?

VacMaster chamber uses vacuum sealing technology. It pumps all the air out of the chamber. No air is retained in your pouch. Thus, the items are stored with an airtight seal. In the end, the machine heats the edges of the pouch to fuse them together. Hence, it blocks the air and seals tightly.

How to maintain my VacMaster vacuum sealer?

Regular cleaning is the most important thing to maintain your vacuum sealer. Keep the sealer bar, pouches, and other parts neat and clean. They should be free of dust and moisture. Moreover, freeze the liquid items fully before sealing.

Why the smoke is coming out of my vacuum sealer?

A little smoke is a normal thing. Because the air passes through the oil reservoir inside the chamber. The hot oil turns air into vapors. If the air is in excess, the pump generates extra pressure. Hence, it gives out vapors in the form of smoke.

How to perfectly vacuum seal liquids?

Liquids are hard to seal perfectly. For example, if you try to seal soup in a bag, it drips out. But, here is an excellent trick. Put the liquids in a container and then freeze them. The liquids will turn solid and now you can seal them properly.

How can I vacuum seal dehydrated food items?

Dehydrated food items are vulnerable to crushing. Therefore, you should vacuum seal them properly. Wrap the dried food on parchment paper. Then, put the wrapped items in the sealing pouch. This will prevent puncturing, crumbling, and crushing.

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Concluding Words

So, here ends my article. Hopefully, you will like my suggested troubleshooting hacks. I am sure if you apply them correctly, your VacMaster vacuum will start sealing again.

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