Fixing VacMaster Not Vacuuming Issue-The Best Guide

VacMaster is a bagless and cyclonic vacuum cleaner. It is a headache if your VacMaster is not vacuuming or sucking.

However, you cannot throw out the appliance. So, it is a wise idea to fix the machine at home. Here are a few tips to apply to your cleaner.

1. Empty the Bag

The first reason is that the dust bag is filled up. So, check and empty it at once. Remove the bag and dump all the debris. Wipe it with a cloth and then fit it back.

Replace the dust bag if it is worn out. Then, check the suction power again. Here, you can learn how to install the dust bag correctly.

Fixing VacMaster Not Vacuuming Issue-The Best Guide

2. Check the Suction

The hose of your vacuum may be clogged. That’s why it cannot pick up debris. There are two ways to confirm this;

  1. Detach the hose or tube from the power head.
  2. Now, turn ON your VacMaster.
  3. Place your palm at the end where the tube attaches to the vacuum.
  4. If you feel little or no suction, the tube is clogged.
  5. Another way to confirm blockage in the hose is to drop a coin from one end.
  6. It should come out of the other end. Otherwise, something has blocked the hose.

3. Clean the Tube/Hose

If you have confirmed a blockage in the hose or tube, clean it properly. Use a clog remover. Alternatively, you can wash the tube from the inside. First, detach it completely from the vacuum.

Using a water pipe, run the water through the hose. Ideally, you should use the pressure nozzle to push the clog out. Warm water is good for thorough cleaning.

4. Set the Time Correctly

You have to set the time correctly on your VacMaster. Set the time higher and try vacuuming again. Also, make sure the timer is working well.

5. Clean the Parts

All the components of the vacuum should be cleaned. Otherwise, it will not work due to dirt build-up. Wipe and wash the filters. Clean the contact points of the hose and the brush roller.

Moreover, clean the seal bar, vacuum pouch, and lid gasket. Seal the cleaner properly before vacuuming.

6. Inspect the Brush Roller

If the brush roller fails to spin, the vacuuming process will stop. Hair, thread, fur, or other materials entangle in the brush. Thus, it cannot move. So, check the brush and remove any debris.

Cut the hair or thread with scissors. Also, make sure the brush is in good condition. Because it can wear and tear over time. In this case, you have to replace the brush with a new one.

7. Damaged Hose

Another cause is the defective hose. There may be holes in the hose. Therefore, the air pressure loses midway.

So, examine the hose along its entire length. Look for any tiny holes or leakage. Replace the hose if it is damaged.

8. Broken Seals

The problem of broken seals has been reported frequently. The internal seal of the VacMaster is broken. Therefore, the cleaner has failed to vacuum.

It can be a manufacturing fault or can occur due to careless usage. The solution is to contact the company.

Many customers have received a replacement. So, the company will fix your vacuum or will give you a new one.

Frequently Asked Questions About VacMaster Vacuum

Here are answers to some important questions most vacuum users have in mind.

How does a VacMaster vacuum work?

VacMaster uses air pressure to do the cleaning. All the air in the vacuum chamber is released through a pump. Then, the bag is sealed and air comes in. This mechanism ensures a safer cleaning. Because the liquid remains safely inside the bag when the vacuuming process is going on.

Is a VacMaster vacuum worth buying?

VacMaster manufactures heavy-duty cleaners. They are wet/dry vacs. It means you can use them in both wet and dry places. Moreover, they are versatile and worth it. The reasonable price and high efficiency make it an ideal choice.

Can I wash my VacMaster vacuum filters?

You should confirm the type of filters before washing them. Foam filters are washable. Clean them with water and let them dry before reusing them. However, filters should be replaced every 3-6 months.

Can I vacuum filters?

It is not a good idea to vacuum the filters. Because it cannot clean the inner fibers properly. So, the filters will remain dirty. Resultantly, the airflow will be blocked. The vacuum will be less efficient.

What happens if I do not change the filters of my vacuum?

If not changed for a long time, the filters get clogged. Bacteria, viruses, and mold trap in the filters. So, the airflow will be blocked. Moreover, the performance and efficiency of your machine will reduce.

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Concluding Words

Hopefully, you have found my guide helpful. It will fix your VacMaster not vacuuming issue. Please try all the troubleshooting tips. Give your feedback in the comment section.

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