Fix Treadmill Fuse Blows and the Circuit Breaker Trips at High Speed

Do you want to work out at high speed? But, the treadmill circuit breaker trips, or the fuse blows out. So, you feel frustrated when it happens every time.

I can understand your worry. Therefore, I have come up with the best solutions to resolve this problem. First, we will know what the reasons behind this issue are. Then, we will learn to fix it.

Why Treadmills Trip Circuit Breaker or Blows Fuse?

There are a few common causes for your treadmill frequently trips a circuit breaker at high speed. The fuse is blown at different points. For example;

  • As soon as the machines power up and turn ON.
  • Immediately after the belt starts.
  • When you start walking onto the floor.

Here we will discuss each reason briefly;

Cause#1. Overheating of the Treadmill

Overheating is the most common cause of tripping. Normally, a treadmill requires 600-700 watts. But, at high speed, more power is required. Thus, the outlet cannot handle the load and the fuse is blown out.

Fix Treadmill Fuse Blows and the Circuit Breaker Trips at High Speed

Cause#2. Overloading of the Circuit

Overloading happens when the circuit is loaded with too much power. If the circuit is shared with other home appliances, it cannot handle power. For example, your outlet delivers 15 amps but the machine requires 20 amps.

Cause#3. Running for Long Hours

Tripping also occurs when your machine is used for an extended period. The circuit has to provide power continuously. Thus, it overheats and trips.

It happens due to an automatic protective mechanism. Tripping prevents major accidents. Otherwise, the circuit can catch fire or the entire electricity system can break out.

How to Prevent A Circuit Breaker from Tripping?

So, we have learned what causes the issue. Now, we will learn how to fix this problem. In this guide, we will learn the practical ways to stop tripping.

Solution#1. Change the Outlet

Connect your treadmill to an AFCI outlet instead of a GFCI circuit. An electrical system has two types of circuit interrupters. They are installed to prevent electrical shocks and accidents.

An electrical shock can be too dangerous to cause severe injuries or deaths. One of them is called GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter). It controls electricity leaks to the ground.

The other one is called AFCI (Arc Circuit Interrupter). It specifically prevents arcing problems. Arcing defect refers to faults in wires and cables.

Both these interrupters are essential. But, they interfere with your treadmill if it is overheated. In order to protect the whole system, these breaker trips. So, your treadmill is not compatible with these interrupters.

Solution#2. Do not share the Circuit

The most important thing is not to share the circuit or outlet with other appliances. Do not connect your treadmill to an outlet that already connects other appliances.

Two heavy devices such as a TV, oven, dryer, refrigerator, air conditioner, etc. should not be connected to the same outlet.

Solution#3. Install a Dedicated Outlet

The best solution is to install a dedicated outlet for your treadmill. You should also use separate power outlets for all high-energy-consuming home appliances.

Please call a certified electrician and ask him to install a dedicated power outlet for your machine. It should use high-quality wire and should be on a separate circuit.

Solution#3. Limit the Power Usage

For the time being, you can limit the power usage of your treadmill. When you run it at high speed, the machine draws power. Avoid acceleration, high intensity, and heavy loads until a new circuit is installed.

Solution#4. Find the Short Circuit

A short circuit happens when different wires touch each other. For example, the black wire touches the ground wire. This can happen inside the treadmill circuit.

You also feel a burning smell out of these two points. It can lead to more serious issues such as a fire. Again, an electrician can help in this situation.

Solution#5. Check the Belt

In some cases, the issue is related to your treadmill. Either it is too old or you have bought used equipment. In such situations, the belt creates the problem.

The belt has to work harder at high speed. But, it does not have much capacity. Thus, the circuit breaker is tripped or the fuse is blown out.

The easy fix is to lubricate the belt. Moreover, examine it for any faults and cracks. Replace the belt if it is worn out.

Solution#6. Scan the Power Cord

Examine the power cord and find cuts, bends, or exposed areas. Replacing the worn-out power cable is the solution. However, apparently, the cable may be alright but it has an internal issue.

For example, the wire gauge is inadequate. You can test it by the following method;

  1. Turn ON your treadmill and starts its belt. Measure the AC input voltage with a Multimeter.
  2. Now, ask someone to start a walk or run on the treadmill. Measure the AC voltage again.
  3. The difference between the two readings should not be more than 6 volts.
  4. A high difference suggests that the distance between the outlet and the machine is too long.
  5. But, the wire is weak. So, you have to use the high gauge wire. An expert electrician can help in this matter.

Solution#7. Repair the Motor

A defective treadmill motor can also cause tripping. It happens when you put too much load on the deck. For example, when a too obese person does workout at high speed.

The motor has to put too much effort. Maybe it has got some defect and cannot bear too much load. So, test the motor and repair it if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Treadmills

Do you want to learn more about exercising and treadmills? Read the following commonly asked questions.

What to do if my treadmill safety key is lost?

You should contact the manufacturer and request a new key. Alternatively, buy a multi-function key from Amazon. Moreover, you can also purchase a compatible key from a sports store.

Who should avoid running on a treadmill?

An overweight or obese person should avoid running on a treadmill. Because it can cause joint pain. A hard workout can also affect your cardiac health. So, too obese people should start normal walking until they reach a safe weight.

How long does a treadmill last?

The average lifespan of a treadmill is 10-12 years. However, it depends on the brand and material quality. Moreover, regular lubrication and maintenance can increase its lifespan. Keep on checking and repairing minor faults.

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Concluding Words

In short, overheating and overloading are the most common reasons. If you fix these issues, your treadmill will not trip the circuit breaker or fuse at high speed. Installing a dedicated power outlet is the best solution in this regard. Keep following for getting more information about your appliances.

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