Shark Vacuum Turns ON By Itself-Best Solutions

Shark vacuums are manufactured by Shark Ninja (officially, Shark Ninja Operating LLC). It is an American designer, marketer, and distributor.

They deal with home devices and appliances. The company’s name is a combination of its two brands. Shark manufactures vacuum cleaners and devices like it. Ninja manufactures kitchen appliances.  

The company was set up in 1994 as Euro-Pro Operating LLC. The company changed its name to Shark Ninja Operating LLC in 2015. It is one of the brands of home appliances. Shark stands 2nd in the list of some experts. It is a top-selling brand of vacuum cleaners.  

Shark Vacuum Turns on by Itself 

A Shark vacuum that starts to run on its own has a problem with its control system. An irregular short in the low-voltage control wiring is not common, but it can happen. On the other hand, the most common reason is the solid-state controller board. This is used in most modern vacuum cleaner systems. 

Shark Vacuum Turns ON By Itself-Best Solutions

Isolating the Problem 

Isolation of the problem, to the control wiring or the solid-state conductor, is a simple and easy method. First, disconnect all the wires at the power head of the system.

Now examine if the unit starts running on its own again. If the unit starts running again even after disconnecting the wires, then the solid-state conductor is defective. You can replace the defective parts and you can also repair these defective parts.

But to do all this process, you should have advanced knowledge of solid-state electronics. You should also have special test equipment. Follow the steps of pros. Start with replacing the whole board. Then separate the defective cores from the old board. Send these defective cores to the manufacturers so they’ll repair them.

Intermittent Short Circuits 

When you face a problem with the control wiring, usually it takes the form of an intermittent short circuit. You can trace the intermittent shorts easily. They can be traced to the connections of Shark vacuum outlets.

These types of shorts happen when the wiring inside the Shark vacuum becomes loose. The wires start to touch each other and can cause a short circuit. You can only find these shorts manually. You must manually check the wiring of the Shark vacuum. 


First, switch off the power button. Make sure that you are not supplying any source of power to that Shark vacuum. This will switch off on its own after some time as the battery will end up ultimately.

After it has shut down, search for the problem. If the problem is with the wiring, it will cause a short circuit. Due to that short circuit, the Shark vacuum will be turning on, on its own. 

If the problem is due to a damaged control center, remove the control center. Replace it with a new one, and have the old one repaired by the manufacturers, by sending them only defective cores.


How many years does a Shark vacuum last?

Shark is an immensely popular and very well-known brand. It is not expensive. A good vacuum runs for around five to six years. It’s worth it. 

How long does a Shark battery last? 

Generally, the battery life of a Shark vacuum is 40 minutes. With the dual battery models, you can achieve up to 100 minutes (about 1 and a half hours) easily. 

How often do you replace the HEPA filter on Shark? 

In Shark vacuums, the HEPA filter will require replacement once in 3 months under normal use. However, excess use might disturb this ratio. 

Can you leave a Shark vacuum plugged in all the time? 

If you want the optimal runtime, always return your vacuum to the dock after every use. Yes, it is recommended, after each use recharge the battery completely. 

Can you leave the Shark vacuum on all the time? 

You should not leave the Shark vacuum on all the time. Switched off the vacuum. 

Why does my Shark vacuum smell? 

If the roller brush of your vacuum has been broken or has caught debris. This causes the Shark vacuum to emit a burning odor. 

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Final Thoughts 

It is possible that your vacuum might turn on, on its own. This is a legitimate problem and is usually shown by the Shark vacuums that are being used excessively or for a long time.

You need to find the reason for this problem. This step will solve half of your problem. Now go towards the solution and solve your problem.

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