Shark Vacuum Only Lights Turn ON: Causes and Solutions

The Shark vacuum cannot work but its lights turn ON. You are not the only one facing this problem. A lot of users report similar issues.

But, the question is why do your appliances start malfunctioning suddenly? The answer is simple as well as complicated. Know the details in the next section.

Let Me Tell You Why Your Vacuum is Malfunctioning

The straightforward answer is that they are machines. Hence, vacuums are vulnerable to technical and functional issues. The complicated answer requires discovering the causes.

I do not want to indulge you in complex thoughts. As a matter of fact, we cannot diagnose the reason immediately. Because machines are complex and have many parts.

Therefore, we need to test the appliance from different aspects. Then, we make assumptions and apply solutions. Finally, we get results by finding out the root cause.

However, patience is necessary for this process if you love to fix your appliances. Once, you do it rightly, the problems will never bother you.

Because you learn to deal with these small issues. So, let us work on your Shark vacuum.

Shark Vacuum Only Lights Turn ON Causes and Solutions

Tip#1. Check the Power

Although it is a trivial thing yet I should remind you. Please check the power plug of your vacuum. It should be securely plugged into an electrical outlet and the switch should be ON.

Because we often forget to switch ON the power. Another thing to check is the condition of the power outlet. You can check by charging your phone in the outlet.

It should be in a working position delivering enough voltage. I would suggest you connect your Shark to a different power supply. If all is fine, move to the next solution.

Tip#2. Examine Power Cord

Some Shark vacuums are corded. Now, you have to check the power cord. Look for any cuts, burns, or exposed areas. Because cables are prone to wear and tear.

Do not forget to unplug your machine before checking. If you notice small cuts, cover them with electrical tape. However, if the cord is too damaged, replace it without delay.

Tip#3. Charge Battery Fully

If your Shark is rechargeable, check its batteries. The cleaner cannot work with a low or drained battery. So, let it charge fully and then check again.

Moreover, check the charger whether is working well or not. Sometimes, a bad charger causes the issue. Clean the charging contact points, power cord, and charger.

It is recommended to charge the battery after each cleaning cycle. However, if the power is depleting rapidly, the battery needs a replacement.

Tip#4. Reset Your Shark Vacuum

Shark manufactures both manual and robot vacuums. The reset method is different for the two models. Here, I will explain all the steps;

Manual Vacuum

  1. Switch OFF the vacuum fully and unplug it from the electric power outlet.
  2. Check the dirty filters and wash them.
  3. Empty the dust bag and clean the hose.
  4. Leave the machine OFF for 45-60 minutes.
  5. Let it drain all the power and cool down completely.
  6. Finally, turn ON the appliance and start cleaning.

Robot Vacuum

  1. Open the “SharkClean” app on your smartphone.
  2. Connect the vacuum and the phone to the same Wifi network.
  3. Go to “Settings” and click the “Reset” button.
  4. There is another way to reset the robot cleaner;
  5. Reach the bottom of the vacuum by turning it upside down.
  6. The ON/OFF switch is located at the bottom.
  7. Press and hold this button for 10 seconds. Release it when the appliance turns OFF.
  8. After 15 seconds, press the button again to turn ON your Shark.

Tip#5. Empty the Dust Cup

My job is to guide you fully. Therefore, I am not hesitating to mention that check the dust cup. The debris should not reach the maximum fill line.

The cleaner fails suction when the cup is full. Moreover, it causes overheating and in severe cases, the motor can damage. So, empty the dust cup, wipe it, and check the machine again.

Tip#6. Clean or Replace the Filters

Dirty filters are one of the major reasons your machine stops working. The biggest culprit is hair that clogs the filters.

  1. Please read the user manual to know the type of filters. They may be foam, felt, or HEPA filters.
  2. Disconnect the power and remove the filters. First, remove the dirt using a cloth.
  3. Then, wash the filters from running water until they are clean.
  4. Squeeze them gently to remove excess water.
  5. Let the filters dry completely before inserting them back into the vacuum.
  6. HEPA filters are also washable. But, you should dry them in shade for a minimum of 24 hours.
  7. Note: If the filters are damaged or worn out, you should replace them. Buy the compatible ones from Amazon.

Tip#7. Unclog the Hose

Obstructions in the brush roll or hose are a common issue. Especially if you have pets, their hair is sucked by the cleaner. It puts an extra load on the motor. Although vacuum lights turn ON yet it fails to clean.

Look for hair in the brush roll or cleaner head. You can remove them by cutting them with scissors. Drop a coin in the hose, it should come out of the other end.

Otherwise, the hose needs cleaning. Drain cleaner is a very useful tool for unblocking narrow pipes.

Tip#8. Check Hardware Defects

I believe that the basic troubleshooting steps should fix your vacuum. Otherwise, there is a defect in the hardware system. Most likely, the switch is faulty. If the switch is loose, replace it.

The motor is the major component of the machine. Its failure will cause Shark not to work. Contact the company for motor repair or replacement. If your machine is under warranty, the repair will be free of cost.

I do not recommend repairing the motor of a too-old vacuum that is about to expire. Instead, buy a new product.

FAQs Regarding Shark Vacuum Cleaner

You may have further queries to ask. Here, I will try to answer your frequent questions.

How long can a Shark vacuum run?

I like Shark vacuums because of their high durability. Moreover, their prices are reasonable. They can last between 5-7 years. The lifespan can extend further by proper maintenance.

What are the common problems of all vacuum cleaners?

All vacuum cleaners pose almost similar problems. For example, a full dust bag/canister, blocked hose, dirty filters, or broken brushes. All the dirty parts can be cleaned at home. Likewise, a blocked hose or brush roll can also be fixed.

Is a Shark vacuum cleaner worth buying?

Honestly speaking, Shark manufactures the best budget-friendly vacuums. The company manages to give a high-quality product at a low cost. Hence, it is worth investing in Shark cleaners. There are pets, robots, and other types of vacuums.

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Concluding Words

In this 5-minute guide, I explained everything in detail. You will be greatly benefited from my article. I suggested very easy tricks that can be applied at home to fix your Shark vacuum that fails to work but only its lights turn ON.

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