Roomba Battery Blinking Orange-Causes and Solutions

Roomba is a wonderful helping appliance. It is a robotic vacuum manufactured by iRobot. It cleans your house on its own. Some users report that the battery of their Roomba is blinking orange.

The machine may not work properly. Because it is not getting enough power. This article will guide you on how to troubleshoot your Roomba.

Orange Light Indicates Recovery Program

Roomba is an automatic cleaning device. It can start its processor automatically. Usually, a programming process is going on when the light is orange.

Because the appliance also consumes power when it is not in use. Hence, the power continues draining out if the device is not charged. Resultantly, the battery is completely discharged.

This leads to starting a battery recovery program. This process may take almost 16 hours to finish. The indicator will continue flashing orange during this time.

Roomba Battery Blinking Orange-Causes and Solutions

How Can I Fix Orange Light?

As I mentioned earlier, the recovery program causes the orange light to blink. So, it turns OFF automatically after the completion of the process.

You cannot fix it within 16 hours. Instead, you have to wait. Avoid using the machine during this period. But, keep it connected to the power source.

Once, the “Clean” light comes ON, Roomba can be used normally. However, if it keeps on blinking even after 16 hours, try the following troubleshooting steps.

What Should I Do If Orange Light Continues Blinking?

An orange flashing light indicates that the machine is running out of power. When placed on the dock, orange means it is charging. However, if the indicator continues flashing, there is some underlying problem.

You should wait for 30 minutes for the change in color. Because sometimes, the battery is too drained and cannot get enough juice immediately. If you own the instruction manual, kindly review it.

Solution#1. Ensure Sufficient Power

Roomba charges on its docking station. Make sure it is placed properly. However, in some cases, you can charge it directly. Be sure the charger is firmly plugged into the wall power outlet.

Unplug and re-plug it. Moreover, check the power outlet whether has a current or not. Try a different electrical socket. Check the circuit breaker of your home. Reset the breaker and then try again.

Solution#2. Clean the Device

The issue can be caused because of improper charging. The solution is to clean the battery and the contact points. Take a dry microfiber cloth. Wipe the charger, cable, and charging points.

You can also use rubbing alcohol to remove the dirt. Now, connect the charger again. Hopefully, the device will start working. If this does not help, clean the battery compartment.

Press the release tab at the bottom of the device. Take out the battery and clean everything. Fit it correctly, put on the lid, and try charging again.

Solution#3. Reset Your Roomba

The problem can be quickly solved by resetting the robot. However, the method differs across the various models. Here, I will explain all the ways to reset your device;

For i Series and j Series:

  1. Turn ON the device. Press and hold the “Clean” button for 10 to 20 seconds.
  2. Release the button, the lights will turn white.
  3. Then, the light ring should spin clockwise.
  4. Within 30-60 seconds, the cleaner will reboot and turn ON.

For Roomba 500, 600, 700, and 800 Series:

  1. First, turn ON the appliance by pressing the “Clean” button.
  2. Now, press and hold the “Spot” and “Dock” buttons at the same time.
  3. Release both buttons after 10 seconds or when the light shuts down.
  4. The device will power ON giving a reset sound.

Important Note: You can confirm the reset by pressing the “Clock” button. If the time appears “12:00”, the device has been reset successfully.

How to Know my Roomba is Charging?

The varying colors of indicator light convey different messages. To operate your appliance correctly, you should know the meaning of each color;

  • A blinking red light means the power is draining and it is time to charge the battery.
  • Solid red indicates the battery is about to discharge.
  • Flashing amber means the machine is charging.
  • Solid amber indicates that the power is partially discharged.
  • Finally, the light turns green when the battery is fully charged.

Note: Some latest models of Roomba do not show lights during charging. Just press the “Clean” button and the lights will come ON. Then, you can understand the condition according to the color.

FAQs Regarding Roomba Robot Cleaner

If you have further queries, review the following section.

How can I extend my Roomba battery life?

By following a few basic measures, you can maintain and extend the battery life of your Roomba robot. The most important thing is to keep your machine neat and clean. Further, charge the device fully and at the right time. Use your cleaner often and avoid draining the battery completely. Moreover, store it in a cool and dry place when not in use.

How long does it take to charge Roomba Vacuum?

Roomba is a robotic vacuum cleaner that works automatically. It takes almost 3 hours to charge fully if the battery is empty. After a full charge, it can work for an hour. When the power is low, the machine automatically returns to the charging station.

Is a Home Base necessary to charge the Roomba vacuum?

A Home Base or charging station is provided with this robot vacuum. However, most Roomba versions can be charged directly. It is a temporary solution if the charging dock is not working. But, do not use the direct charging method for long terms. Because it can affect the functioning and lifespan of the appliance.

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Concluding Words

A blinking orange light on your Roomba battery is not a matter of concern. It will go off once the recovery program is completed in 16 hours. However, if it does not stop then you should apply this troubleshooting guide.

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