Proform Exercise Bike Resistance Not Working-An Ultimate Guide

Last updated on March 25th, 2023 at 10:16 pm

Proform exercise bikes are the leading brand of home exercise machines. It has been serving since 1987. It has a good market value and is very much popular among people.

This company has a major interest in manufacturing walking or running machines. They manufacture treadmills, ellipticals, Proform exercise bikes, rowers, etc. Its equipment is also budget-friendly.

It also manufactures Proform exercise bikes. It manufactures one of the best bikes on the planet. Bikes manufactured by Proform have much importance among people, as well in the eyes of experts. Proform bikes are long-lasting and work very smoothly.

Proform Exercise Bike Resistance Not Working

It has been a common problem regarding Proform exercise bike resistance. Its resistance doesn’t change and get stuck or there is no resistance at all. Due to this, the bike gets free of any resistance and is not worthy of exercise.

Proform Exercise Bike Resistance Not Working-An Ultimate Guide


You can face this problem if the motor of your Proform exercise bike has been stuck. This will lead your Proform bike to perform at its zero.

You’ll find no resistance in your bike and it’ll be like any other piece of metal at your home. It is because it’ll be of no use unless you find any solution for this.


Firstly, you need to remove the shields made of plastic. Afterward, locate the motor. You’ll need a battery to test the motor. Attach the wires to the terminals of the motor. Then touch the blue and yellow wires of the motor and let it run till it stops.

Then switch the wires of the motor and let it run. If it runs in both directions the motor is good but if not you need to solve the problem by unscrewing the whole motor. If repairing is not an option, the only way is to replace it with a new one.

Magnetic Resistance

Proform exercise bikes use magnetic resistance. They use magnets so that tension can be created against the flywheel. The magnetic field produced by the magnet applies various degrees of force when the magnets went closer or move further away from the wheel magnets can also face problems due to which bike might have zero resistance.


Replace Display Panel Batteries

Unplug the power cord of the Proform exercise bike from the power outlet. If it is powered by the battery then start replacing the batteries present in the display panel. Afterward, tighten the bolts of the flywheel cover.

Remove Pedal Cranks and Flywheel Covers

Expose the flywheel by setting each cover free. Rotate the pedal crank counterclockwise to make them separate from the internal pully. Remove the cranks and flywheel covers.

Remove and Replace the Magnetic Unit

Open the nut from the pully by using a socket or ratchet. Slip the V-belt from the pully and magnetic unit by replacing the nut that secures it. The belt can also be replaced if necessary. Unscrew the magnetic unit and replace it with a new one.

Reinstall V-Belt and Pedal Cranks

Reinstalling the V-belt again. Reposition the flywheel covers on each side. Rotate the pedal cranks clockwise to reattach them. At the end reattach the flywheel covers.


1-How does resistance on a bike work?

Two powerful magnets are installed on both sides of the flywheel. Their force of magnetism is controlled by the user. When he wants to resist the bike motion, he increases the magnetic field force which stops the flywheel.

2-Do you need resistance on a stationary bike?

Yes, it matters because without it you’ll not be putting the effort into the stationary bike. The base level of resistance is also required as well to keep you balanced.

3-Does Proform bike automatically change resistance?

Yes, some of the versions automatically change resistance as you ride them.

4-Does magnetic resistance wear out?

If installed correctly, it does not wear or tear out and even doesn’t require much maintenance.

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Final Thoughts:

Proform Exercise bikes can face the problem of resistance not working. It might be due to the defective motor or defective magnets. You can solve the first problem by replacing the motor with a new one or if the problem is related to the console, change that console.

Another possibility is defective magnets, which are not producing enough magnetic force. The only solution to this problem is to change the magnets.

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