Oreck Vacuum Hard to Push on Carpet-The Best Fixes

I heard a lot of people complaining that their Oreck vacuum is hard to push on the carpet. Some users even regret buying this cleaner. They say it is not worth the money.

Obviously, you feel frustrated when you cannot clean the house. Some of you may be thinking of throwing away your machine. But, you should not take such a decision. Because your vacuum is fixable.

I have devised very effective tricks to run your vacuum smoothly. So, kindly invest a few minutes in reviewing this troubleshooting guide.

Fix#1. Correct the Vacuuming Method

Adopt the correct angle of push. The handle of the vacuum should be closer to the floor. It will make pushing easy. Extend your arm down as far as you can.

Oreck Vacuum Hard to Push on Carpet-The Best Fixes

Fix#2. Know the Type of Carpet

Carpets come in various types. For example, some are flat with light fibers while others are very fluffy. Oreck vacuum is not designed to work on a high pile or plush carpet.

This type has long fibers and is too fluffy. So, it is hard to move your Oreck through these carpets. Do not force your machine or it may damage.

You can buy a carpet lift attachment from Oreck to make the cleaner work smoothly. Alternatively, you can buy a vacuum compatible with your flooring.

Fix#3. Install Parts Correctly

The bottom of the base of your Oreck is not attached correctly. You may have removed the bottom. But, you could not re-install it rightly. So, my recommendation is to check the bottom.

There is a groove on the side of the squeegee. When you install the squeegee, the groove should snap over the baseplate. Otherwise, the vacuum will push hard on the carpet.

Fix#4. Check for Obstructions

Something may be obstructing the vacuum. Check the front/rear wheels and axles. Something may be entangled in the wheels or axles. Most likely, fur, hair, or threads wrap around the wheels.

Thus, they cannot run freely. You have to check and remove such obstructions. But, be sure to disconnect the power before touching the wheels.

Fix#5. Test the Brush Roll

As you know, the brush roll is a very important component of the cleaner. So, it should be spinning freely. You can test its functioning by the following steps;

  1. The brush roll is attached to the bottom of the vacuum.
  2. Someone has to lie down to look it properly.
  3. Turn ON the vacuum and observe the brush roll, it should be spinning normally.
  4. Turn ON and OFF the machine quickly a few times and check the brush each time.
  5. If you are confident, you can fix the brush roll from the inside. Remove the 5 screws to detach the bottom cover and fix the roller.

Fix#6. Replace the Brush Roll

Brush roll causes the machine to move forward and backward. If its bristles are too stiff or worn out, the cleaner cannot move. Because worn-out bristles cannot grip the carpet.

Another reason is that something may be entangled in the brush. So, examine the brush roll and remove trapped debris.

Most often hair entangles in the brush and make spinning hard. If the bristles are worn out, you should replace the brush.

Fix#7. Change the Belt

Another cause is the broken or stretched belt. In some cases, the vacuum stops working suddenly. Maybe it was previously running smoothly on the carpet.

But, now it cannot work on the same carpet. This indicates a hardware fault. Carefully examine the belt and replace it. The belt does not cost much.

Fix#8. Repair the Plastic Guard

At the rear of the brush roll, there is a plastic guard. It creates problems in pushing the machine into the plush carpet. By removing this guard, you can push the vacuum easily.

However, it cannot be removed permanently. So, you can apply a hack to fix it. Remove the guard and spray enamel paint on it. Then, install it back and the cleaner should move smoothly.

FAQs About Oreck Vacuums

Read the following FAQs for getting more information about Oreck vacuum cleaners.

Are Oreck vacuums still worth buying?

Oreck was a very reliable brand until the company was sold by the owner. Most users complain about the quality of the latest models. They do not like the build quality and parts. In contrast, the older models are still doing well.

Can I reuse the Oreck vacuum bag?

Like other vacuums, Oreck also uses disposable bags. The upright vacuums come with outer cloth bags. These bags are provided with XL models. They are washable and can be used multiple times. This reduces the maintenance cost.

How to know the model of my Oreck vacuum?

The model number is written on the packaging box. You can also check it on the data plate that is pasted or printed on the machine. Locate it at the bottom or back of the device. The user guide may also tell you the model number.

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Concluding Words

Although vacuums are designed to clean all types of floors. Because they have different attachment tools. However, some models may not work on certain types of flooring.

Therefore, you should confirm whether your Oreck vacuum is designed to work on carpet or not. A special tool is required to clean plush carpets. Otherwise, your Oreck will be hard to push on the carpet.

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