Oreck Magnesium Won’t Turn ON-Fix in Seconds

It is really a frustrating situation if your Oreck Magnesium vacuum fails to turn ON. There are a few common reasons behind this problem. This guide will help you understand the causes. Then, we will learn to fix the machine.

Solution#1. Reset Your Oreck Magnesium

The first troubleshooting trick is to reset your vacuum. The professionals suggest it as the best hack. Here is how to do it;

  1. The ON/OFF button is located at the handle of the appliance.
  2. Press and hold the “Power” button for 15 seconds.
  3. Release it when the blue light indicator flashes at the bottom.
  4. This will reset the machine and it will immediately turn ON.

Oreck Magnesium Won’t Turn ON-Fix in Seconds

Solution#2. Replace the Battery

There is a small battery in the handle of your cleaner. It acts as a remote control by sending the ON/OFF signals. If it expires, the cleaner cannot work or turn ON. So, replace it to turn ON your machine.

  1. Look at the handle of your Oreck. Locate a small button at the back. Twist the button door to expose the battery inside.
  2. Press up the small metal piece at the upper corner. It will release the battery. Magnesium uses a CR2023 battery.
  3. You have to buy a replacement first. Remove the old battery and install the fresh one.
  4. Also, check the contact points inside the compartment. If they are pushed back, push them up a little. Finally, your Oreck will start working.

Solution#3. Clean the Clogs

If resetting and the new battery do not work then check the clogged areas. There may be a clog inside the hose or any other part. Thus, the airflow is obstructed and the machine starts overheating.

Clean the hose with the drain cleaner. Also, check for obstructions in the brush roller, power head, and other parts.

Solution#4. Check Power Supply

Make sure your Oreck has sufficient power. Recharge the battery fully. Moreover, check the charger and power cord. Both of them should be in good condition.

Look for any cuts, damaged areas, and twists on the wire. A broken power cord should be replaced by a professional. Likewise, the charger may be brunt out. Hence, examine all the accessories, and repair, or replace them.

Solution#5. Check the Power Switch

A broken power switch can be the cause of the problem. Check the power supply to the ON/OFF switch.

Use a Multimeter to test the continuity. If the button is broken, buy a new one. You can replace the button at home.

Solution#6. Contact Manufacturer

Hopefully, the basic troubleshooting steps will fix your machine. But, if nothing helps, you must contact the company. Perhaps, the motor has failed. There can be other hardware defects.

So, you should get the appliance repaired by the manufacturer. Alternatively, you can visit a nearby vacuum repair store.

Do not spend more than 50% of the original amount if your vacuum is too old. Instead, consider buying a new one.

FAQs Related to Oreck Vacuums

If you have further queries, read the following frequently asked questions.

Where is the reset button on the Oreck Magnesium vacuum?

There is no dedicated reset button on an Oreck. However, you can still reset it. Press and hold the ON/OFF button for 15 seconds or until the light indicator starts flashing. This will reset your vacuum cleaner.

What is the lifespan of an Oreck vacuum?

Oreck Vacuums are durable and last longer. Their average lifespan is 10-12 years. Take care of your appliance to increase it is life further. It uses a high-quality brush roll that is the main component.

How to fix my Oreck vacuum if it cannot suck?

The most common reason is dirty filters. The air filters get clogged. So, clean the filters properly. If they are too dirty and old, replace them. This will solve the suction issue.

Why my vacuum is giving out a burning smell?

Do not ignore if your vacuum is giving out a burning smell. It feels like a rubber or plastic is melting. In fact, this smell is given out by a burning belt. The drive belt is responsible to move the brush roll. Another reason is the filled trash bag. So, empty or replace the bag.

What is a beater bar and what is its function?

The beater bar is also called the brush roll. It is a floor nozzle that spins during vacuuming. It is specially used to clean carpets and rugs. Because the spinning bar agitates the carpet. Thus, the small dirt particles trapped in carpet fibers are loosened.

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Concluding Words

I have designed this guide to fix your Oreck Magnesium vacuum that fails to turn ON. First of all, replace the battery and then reset the machine. You must also try other fixes.

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