NordicTrack X22i Incline Not Working-Top 6 Easy Hacks

The incline is an amazing function on NordicTrack. But, it fails to work sometimes. In this guide, I will especially focus on the NordicTrack X22i treadmill. You will learn to fix the incline that has stopped working.

X22i is a commercial exercise machine. Its malfunctioning gives you a real headache. So, I recommend fixing your machine without delay.

Fix#1. Power Cycle Your X22i

A simple trick is to power cycle your machine. Sometimes, it can fail to work due to overheating.

  1. So, unplug your treadmill from the electrical outlet.
  2. Wait for 1-5 minutes. Then, connect the power again and turn it ON.
  3. Now, recalibrate the incline.
  4. If this does not work, unplug the machine for 3-5 hours.
  5. Let it cool down completely. Then, turn it ON and start calibration.

Fix#2. Recalibrate Incline

It can be a matter of the wrong calibration. So, recalibrating the machine can solve the issue. There are different methods. Here is how to do it;

NordicTrack X22i Incline Not Working-Top 6 Easy Hacks

Method 1

  • Click the gear icon on the screen. Go to “Settings” and then select “Maintenance” Next, click “Calibrate the Incline”.
  • Avoid using the machine while it is recalibrating.
  • The incline moves from the highest to the lowest position. You can stop it at your desired point by removing the safety key.
  • Another way is to turn OFF the power when the incline reaches your preferred position.
  • Wait for 1-5 minutes before switching the power ON again. Now, start a workout and adjust the position.

Method 2

  • Turn ON the power to your NordicTrack and remove its safety key.
  • Press and hold the “Stop” and “Speed Up” buttons simultaneously. Insert the safety key while still holding these buttons.
  • It will enter the calibration mode. Press the “Stop” button once and then hit the incline button.
  • The incline will move from the highest to the lowest point. Once it stops moving, remove the safety key.
  • It will exit the calibration mode thus completing the process.

Fix#3. Clean Important Parts

The issue can arise due to a frozen incline motor. It can happen due to dust and clogs. In this case, the motor fails to move the incline. You can check it by the following method;

  • Locate the motor of your X22i, and take help from the user guide.
  • Remove the screws to detach the cover of the motor compartment.
  • Now, move the incline up and down manually.
  • Clean the motor, screws, and other parts. Reattach the screws and close the cover.
  • Also, clean the incline and other parts of the machine.
  • Finally, recalibrate your machine by following the above-mentioned method.

Fix#4. Perform a Factory Reset

Restore your treadmill to the factory settings. It can solve all the issues. Here is the process;

  1. Switch OFF X22i and disconnect the power.
  2. Locate the reset button at the side or back of your machine. Take a paperclip and insert it into the reset pinhole.
  3. Reconnect the power while still holding down the pinhole.
  4. Release the button when the screen comes ON.
  5. A message saying “Reinstalling the software” will appear on the display.
  6. Connect to Wifi and log in to your iFit account.
  7. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the reset process.

Fix#5. Test Wiring and Motor

Check the wiring of your machine. Look at the back of the console. Also, examine the main harness on the right side. There should be no loose, damaged, or broken wires.

Moreover, secure each connection. Next, check the voltage supply to the motor. With some basic knowledge, you can test using a Multimeter.

Double-check the voltage from the motor, console, and mainboard. Then, replace the part that has no current. But, be sure to consult a technician.

Fix#6. Examine Sensor and Control Board

You have checked the motor and console and they are fine. It is time to check the sensors and control board. Failure of incline can be the result of a bad sensor system.

The screen should display information if the sensor is fine. Likewise, the control board or the power board of the machine has failed. But, you cannot confirm this easily.

Only a professional technician can diagnose and repair the fault. Seek help from NordicTrack and do not call local mechanics. Especially, if your machine is brand new and under warranty.

FAQs Related to NordicTrack Treadmill

Do you want to learn more about exercising and treadmills? Read the following commonly asked questions

Can I play my own music on NordicTrack?

You can play music through the console of your X22i. However, it needs to be connected to an MP3 player or another audio device. All Spotify songs can be accessed through the console.

Should I hold the handrails on the treadmill?

It is not recommended to hold handrails on the treadmill. Otherwise, you will not get the full benefit of exercising. Because you lose balance and spoil your body posture. Resultantly, fewer calories will burn during the workout.

How much incline is required to lose belly fat?

A higher incline helps in burning more calories. A minimum of 10% incline is good. You can run on 15% to burn more fat. An incline is always better than a flat surface to reduce weight.

Can I manually adjust my NordicTrack X22i incline?

Lift the deck off the ground a little. The adjustment footpad should leave the ground. Now, remove the pin that is on the left side of the step-up frame. Now, choose your desired incline level. Finally, reinstall the key.

Does NordicTrack X22i have a heart rate monitor?

Yes, X22i comes with all the features including the heart rate monitor. It has ActivePulse and Chest Strap heart rate, monitor. The apps connect wirelessly over Bluetooth.

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Concluding Words

NordicTrack X22i is a durable exercising machine. You should not worry if its incline is not working. Because I have told you the best solutions to fix the issue. Keep following for more information and assistance.

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