Nordictrack Treadmill Console Problems-All Fixed

Your NordicTrack treadmill may have both touchscreen and control buttons. However, a console is also given for more convenient operations. Sometimes the console fails to work and creates problems.

Hence, the machine becomes useless. You cannot start your workout. Missing a day in your exercise routine is not a good idea. So, now, you should do a different workout. I mean try to fix your treadmill.

This guide is applicable to all models of NordicTrack. Here, I will discuss all the console-related problems and their solutions.

Nordictrack Treadmill Console Problems-All Fixed

What are Common Nordictrack Treadmill Console Problems?

A treadmill is a complex machine. It can pose various problems. Some are minor while others are intricate. Here are some of the common issues that arise in the console.

  • The built-in console has no power.
  • The machine has power but the console screen does not come ON.
  • The console buttons are not working.
  • The console reading is zero.
  • The treadmill fails to incline.

What are the Causes Behind Console Problems?

There can be different reasons for console failure. Mostly, the buttons fail due to careless pressing. Sometimes, children play with them and press too hard. Likewise, something is spilled on the console.

Moisture damages the internal hardware. Smashing the buttons or the screen can also cause failure. Other reasons include faulty wiring, inadequate power, or slipped keys.

NordicTrack Console Error Codes

In some cases, the console displays certain error codes. These codes indicate a specific issue. So, you can interpret the code and fix the problem accordingly.

Error E0

If “E0” appears on the screen, the security key is missing. Just insert the safety key and make sure it is tightly fitted.

Error E1

It refers to speed sensor failure. Check the section magnets. Moreover, inspect and replace the reed switch. Loose connections can also be the cause of this error.

Error E2

This error code refers to more intricate issues. It appears when the engine or motor of your treadmill has failed. The machine stops working completely.

So, you cannot fix it at home. Instead, you have to consult a professional technician or the company.

How to Fix NordicTrack Treadmill Console?

Some common troubleshooting tricks work for all the problems. Here, I am suggesting easy and simple solutions.

Tip#1. Power Cycle Your NordicTrack

A quick power cycle can help immediately. Here is how to power cycle your treadmill.

  1. Turn OFF your NordicTrack completely. Unplug it from the wall power outlet.
  2. Wait for 1-5 minutes. Then, plug the power cord back and turn ON the machine.
  3. Hopefully, it will start working. If one attempt does not help, repeat the process again.

Tip#2. Reset Your Treadmill

A reset should be your first strategy to fix all kinds of issues. Because it is a very effective solution. Here, I will explain two methods. Follow these steps correctly to reset your machine.

Method 1:

  1. Turn OFF your treadmill by pressing the power button. Also, unplug it from the electrical source.
  2. Locate the reset button at the side or back of the appliance. It is a tiny pinhole. Please review the user manual to find its exact location.
  3. Take a paperclip, toothpick, or pen and insert it into the hole. Press and hold the button.
  4. Meanwhile, turn ON the power. When the screen comes ON, release the button.
  5. Now, the screen should display the iFit logo. Additionally, a message saying “System recovery: please wait…” will appear in blue.
  6. It will take almost 30 minutes to complete the process.
  7. The machine will ask you to connect with Wifi. Once connected, the latest firmware version will start installing.
  8. Wait for the updates to complete. Finally, log into your iFit account. Hopefully, your console is working well now.

Method 2:

If the first method is not successful or you cannot find the reset hole, try the second one.

  1. Find the magnetic key on your treadmill. It may be attached to the console or to one side of the machine. This is a safety key to protecting your pets and kids.
  2. Remove the magnetic key before starting the reset process.
  3. Press and hold the “Stop+Speed” buttons at the same time.
  4. Reinsert the key while holding the two buttons. After reinserting the key, release the buttons. This will reset your machine.
  5. You should repeat the process again if it was unsuccessful on the first attempt.

Tip#3. Replace or Recharge Battery

Check whether your console has rechargeable or replaceable batteries. Put in new and fresh batteries. In the other case, charge the battery fully. Moreover, you should also clean the battery compartment.

Open the back cover and take out the battery. Wipe the compartment with a clean and dry cloth. Insert new batteries and turn ON the machine.

Tip#4. Flip the Safety Key

Most treadmills are equipped with a safety key. Please read the user manual to find its exact location. Flip the key to turning it ON or OFF.

Press the console buttons after turning it ON. If it does not help, turn the key OFF and check the buttons. In this way, you can decide the position of the safety key.

Tip#5. Examine the Buttons

Sometimes, only a few buttons stop working. While other times, all the buttons are non-responsive. One or two non-functional buttons refer to the specific issue. You have to fix only the bad button.

Examine it closely, maybe it is slipped out of its position. So, place the key in its place and press until you hear a click. However, if no key is working, the console has gone defective.

In this situation, you have to purchase a new console for your exercise machine. Another solution is to contact the company and submit a complaint. Their technicians can diagnose and fix the problem.

FAQs Regarding NordicTrack Treadmill

Following frequently asked questions will help you further in fixing your exercise machine.

Can I turn ON my NordicTrack treadmill without the safety key?

If your machine has a built-in magnetic security key, you cannot use it without the key. However, a clever hack is to install a jumper bypass at the security switch.

Does NordicTrack offer a lifetime warranty for treadmills?

NordicTrack manufactures very durable treadmills. After registering your machine, the company gives a lifetime warranty for the motor and frame. Moreover, you get a 3-year parts warranty and 1-year labor coverage for repairs.

Is it necessary to renew the iFit subscription on my NordicTrack?

Without renewing the iFit subscription, you can still have access to limited features. Some workouts will not be accessible. However, elliptical, bike, fusion, or rower modes are still available manually.

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Concluding Words

By following this comprehensive guide, you can fix your NordicTrack treadmill console problems. Most common issues include non-responsive buttons/screens, error codes, or zero reading. If no trick helps then you must contact the manufacturer or should replace the console.

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