Massage Gun Blinking Red Light When Charging-Ultimate Solution

The massage gun was fictitious by the mythical being Werseland, a Los Angeles-based expert, in 2008. Like many nice inventions, the massage gun was driven by necessity.  

Massage guns are electronic devices that are sometimes utilized by massage therapists to alleviate pain and improve blood circulation. They’re doing this by producing vibrations that are applied to the skin with the help of a massage gun head.

But really, it’s not merely vibrations with massage guns. in distinction to the high-end foam rollers that have some variety of vibration medical care, massage guns give one issue deeper than that.  

How will a massage gun work?  

A massage gun delivers a musical massage to the skin’s surface. This message has the results of promoting blood flow to a particular house of the body.

This exaggerated blood flow lets the nutrients, plasma, and completely different gift healing properties flow to the positioning where the gun is applied. The massage gun works equally to massage.

This implies that some models are going to be bespoken to use for massage and a couple of for effulge.  

However, the massage gun primarily works by pattern percussion to maneuver nutrient-rich fluids to the positioning on which it’s applied. One study discovered by the National Institutes of Health noted that vibration treatment was as effective as massage at treating Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.  

Massage Gun Blinking Red Light when Charging-Ultimate Solution

Massage Gun Blinking Red Light when Charging

There are 2 lights on the massage gun, once it’s on charge it will blink red light. Unceasingly blinking the red light implies that the massage gun is unceasingly charging. Once the massage gun gets charged, the blinking of the red light can stop, and continuous green light can seem.  

If your massage gun is on a charge, however the red light isn’t blinking, then it is a drawback. It suggests that either the charging light is faulty or not charging properly.  

Light drawback  

Firstly, check if the red light is functioning properly. If the sunshine has been amalgamated or its wiring is faulty it will not activate. amendment the sunshine or wiring consequently. This can come back your massage gun to traditional.  

If the matter is with charging it will have subsequent reasons.  

Motor drawback  

If the motor is faulty otherwise you use a massage gun for extended periods, it’ll cause issues. If it’s a retardant, it will not activate and can lose recharging.  


 Analyze the faulty part of the motor and repair it consequently. If it’s not serviceable replace it with a brand-new one.   


Excess use of the massage gun or excess charging of the massage gun can result in warming. Thanks to this, the massage gun can lose charging. This doesn’t enable the massage gun to show consequently.


You should forestall overcharging and overuse. If you’re facing this drawback, flip the massage gun off and let it cool. Afterward, use it. 

Faulty Massage Gun Battery  

If the battery is faulty, it will not recharge, and also the red light won’t blink up. Most massage guns use lithium-ion batteries, likely these days. These batteries will cause issues accordingly.  


The only solution is to exchange the battery for a brand-new one accordingly.  


How do I know once my massage gun is going to be charged?  

The battery-level indicator flashes usually once the device is charging and it will stop flashing and keep well-lighted once full charge, so you may check the vital time charging.  

How do I reset my massage gun?  

To reset your massage gun, certify the device is off, then take a clip (or AN equally skinny, long object) and insert it into the massage gun’s push while you press the gun’s power button. Hold the button for 10 seconds a lot or less and unhitch. All of this is given in the user manual accordingly.

Can you overcharge a massage gun?  

There is no having to be compelled to overcharge your massage gun though’ as a result, it might hurt its battery life. Associate in Nursing long charge is the simplest power you may supply to your device.  

Can massage guns cause nerve damage?  

It may be tempting to use your massage gun on some spot that feels sore without a lot of thought, but some spots gift risks. Painful inflammation, torn tendons, organ or nerve injury, and even serious long injuries may result from improper placement. 

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Final Thoughts  

A blinking red light implies that your massage gun is charging unceasingly, and a green light suggests that it’s charged. If you’re facing irregularity during this, notice the matter and solve it consequently.  

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