Kenmore Progressive Vacuum Power Head Not Working-100% Effective Solutions

Malfunctioning is a common issue with vacuum cleaners. Do not worry, if your Kenmore Progressive Vacuum power head is not working.

I will make fixing this problem very easy. You just need to apply a few simple troubleshooting hacks.

The Reasons I Found Behind Vacuum Problems

You may be wondering why this problem arises in cleaners. After working with vacuums for several years, I found a few common mistakes that lead to bigger problems.

  1. Mostly, it happens due to poor maintenance. The users do not clean the vacuum regularly, forget to empty the dust bag, or do not change the filter.
  2. Moreover, some new owners pick up sharp objects such as needles, coins, and pins. They can get stuck inside the machine and it stops working.
  3. Further reasons include improper charging and storing the cleaner in wet and dirty places.
  4. The poor quality of appliances is another major factor. As you know, low-quality machines are very vulnerable to functioning problems. So, always choose the high-quality product as Kenmore.

How to Fix Kenmore Power Head?

I would suggest you 100% effective ways to fix your Kenmore power head that has stopped working. Your appliance may have different conditions. For example, the unit powers ON but does not suck up.

Kenmore Progressive Vacuum Power Head Not Working-100% Effective Solutions

Moreover, the brush fails to spin or cannot be pushed easily. Likewise, it gives unusual noises or vibrates abnormally. All these problems can be solved by the following guide.

Tip#1. Use Kenmore Vacuum Correctly

Kenmore Progressive is an upright vacuum. The handle can be moved back and forward. So, you have to use it rightly. Before turning it ON, make sure the hose collar is firmly connected to the power head.

For complete details, watch this video or read the user manual. I always suggest reviewing the user guide before using a machine. Otherwise, you may end up spoiling the appliance.

Tip#2. Adjust Settings

Wrong settings also lead to functioning issues. So, check the carpet height selector. Choose “Carpet” for cleaning the carpets and rugs. While choosing “Floor” on the bare tile or ceramic floor.

Slide the “Electronic Suction Control” to increase or decrease the suction. Pull out the power cord fully. Now, press the “Cord Rewind” button to coil.

Tip#3. Check Power Supply

If the power head is not turning ON, it may not be receiving adequate power. So, make sure the appliance is firmly plugged into the electric outlet. Moreover, check the battery level and charging.

The outlet should be delivering proper voltage. Plug the machine into a different outlet. Check your fuse box. Fix the blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker.

Sometimes, the vacuum functions but its light does not turn ON. In this case, you need to replace the bulb.

Tip#4. Clean Your Vacuum

If the brush fails to spin, the agitator should be cleaned. First, disconnect the machine from the power supply and turn it over. Take a dry cloth and remove dirt from the agitator.

Clean all the parts thoroughly. Use a soft brush to clean the dirt sensor. Also, check the hose if it is clogged. Drop a coin from one side and it should come out of the other end.

However, if the coin does not come out, the hose is clogged. Use the snake drain cleaner to unclog it. Furthermore, look for any small holes in the hose.

Tip#5. Change the Filter

The dirty motor filter stops the machine and it cannot suck. To change the filter, you have to remove the dust bag first. Follow the steps mentioned in the next section.

Pull out the old motor filter and install the new one. But, be sure to fix the filter firmly under the rubber retainer. Another type is an exhaust filter.

It is located at the back of the machine. Check and replace it to fix the problem.

Tip#6. Replace Dust Bag

The cleaner stops working if the dust bag has been filled. It will not suck the dirt. The “Check Bag” indicator light illuminates at this stage. So, you should empty the dust bag at once.

  1. Unplug your machine from the electric outlet.
  2. Disconnect the hose and pull the hood.
  3. Now, take out the dust bag and discard it.
  4. Place the new bag in the position by following the exact guidelines.
  5. Re-attach the hose and other parts. Watch this video by Kenmore.

Tip#7. Replace the Swivel Assembly

A vacuum has many parts. One important part is the swivel assembly. This part attaches the hose to the main body of the vacuum.

When you pull the hose while cleaning, the assembly bears pressure. So, it can wear easily. Remove the hose from the machine and then detach the swivel assembly.

Look for any visible signs of damage. If it does not fit properly, you should buy a new swivel assembly for your Kenmore.

Tip#8. Contact Kenmore

First, you must try all the basic troubleshooting steps mentioned above. If they do not improve their condition then seek professional help.

Sometimes, the problem is severe and hardware related. For example, instead of picking up the debris, the vacuum picks up the light rugs or is too hard to move on the floor.

In other cases, the power head starts but the machine does not work at all. These conditions indicate motor failure, bad agitator, faulty electrical circuit, or burnt mainboard.

So, it is not recommended to repair the hardware at home. Instead, you should take the machine to a nearby service center or contact Kenmore online.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kenmore Vacuum

Read the following common questions that are frequently asked by users. They will help you understand your machine further.

Why my vacuum turns ON but does not suck?

Generally, this happens due to a clogged hose. For example, hair, strings, pins, or dust bunnies are trapped inside. These objects cannot come out of the other end of the hose. Furthermore, blocked air passages also cause loss of suction. Hence, your machine needs proper cleaning.

What are the causes for the Vacuum motor to burn out?

Frequent overheating is one of the major causes of vacuum motor burns. Additionally, clogged filters, blocked hoses, or filled dust bags also lead to motor failure. A short circuit is also the culprit. Proper maintenance and regular cleaning can prevent hardware defects.

How to fix if my Kenmore Progressive vacuum brush is not spinning?

A bad belt is the most common reason the brush is not spinning. So, examine the belt. Look if it is slipped, stretched, or broken. The solution is to install the new belt.

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Concluding Words

My guide will help you a lot whenever your machine poses any problem. These solutions can fix your Kenmore Progressive Vacuum power head that is not working. Additionally, these hacks can be applied to other related problems.

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