Kenmore Pet PowerMate Not Working-The Best Solution

Kenmore Pet Powermate is an amazing machine for cleaning. But, sometimes, it stops working for no apparent reason.

However, there is an underlying issue always. You cannot fix the appliance until you find the root cause.

Understanding the Problem

Different problems lead to the issue of Kenmore not working. For example, the vacuum powers ON but the power head cannot.

The brush fails to roll or spins very slowly. The vacuum does not pick up the dirt. Although it comes ON but cannot work. All these problems will be solved in this guide.

Solution: 1. Reset Your Kenmore

The PowerMate has a reset overload button. Pull it and push back to reset your device. You can try this method twice or thrice.

  1. Another trick is to power cycle your appliance.
  2. Unplug it from the wall power outlet.
  3. Wait for 30 minutes or until the device cools down.
  4. Plug back the charger or power cord.
  5. This will solve the functioning problems.

Kenmore Pet PowerMate Not Working-The Best Solution

2. Check Electrical Connection

Poor power supply or bad electrical connection can also cause this issue. So, make sure the vacuum is plugged firmly into the electric outlet. Moreover, check the connection of the hose.

Some users report that this model has a design flaw. Whenever you replace the bag, the electrical connection is disturbed or disconnected. A professional can fix this problem or you can replace the unit.

3. Unclog the Hose

The vacuum cleaner stops sucking at times. This is a very common issue and can also happen with Kenmore. The major cause is the clogged hose.

The hose gets clogged due to some object or dust build-up. Here is how to clean it;

  1. Detach the hose, powerhead, and wand from each other.
  2. Now, take a coin or paperclip and drop it from one side of the hose.
  3. If the object comes out of the other end, the hose has no obstruction. Otherwise, it is clogged.
  4. Do the same test for the wand and power nozzle. If any part is blocked, you have to clean it.
  5. Use the drain snake cleaner and insert it from the nozzle side of the hose. This will remove all the obstructions and your machine will start working normally.
  6. Also, check the hose minutely and look for any holes in it.

4. Fix the Brush

This fix applies if the brush is spinning slowly or fails to spin at all. You have to fix it from the inside. Kindly follow these steps correctly;

  1. Disassemble the brush roll unit. Open the two screws and remove them.
  2. Now, separate the two parts of the unit.
  3. Place the motor assembly aside. You have nothing to do with it.
  4. Take out the brush roll. It is fixed on a roller which has two ends. There is a cap-like lid on the end of the roller.
  5. You have to pull apart one end. Be sure to pull it out and avoid twisting.
  6. Clean the inside of the roller and the cap. Simply put back the end again.
  7. Place the brush roller in its position. Assemble everything again correctly. Tighten the screws and start using your vacuum.

FAQs Regarding Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner

If you have more queries regarding Kenmore Vacuum cleaners, get help from the following answers.

What will happen if a vacuum cleaner becomes too full?

An overfilled filter bag causes functioning problems. First of all, it will stop picking up the dirt. Then, the vacuum will overheat, jam, stop working, and shut down. Therefore, the filter bag should be emptied when it is about 70% full. Do not wait for it to become too full. In severe cases, the machine can break down.

How long does a Kenmore vacuum run?

Kenmore makes good-quality vacuums. They can last up to 8 years. But, it all depends on your maintenance and cleaning habits. The vacuum requires regular cleaning and protection from heat and water. Proper maintenance can increase its lifespan.

What to do if my Kenmore vacuum is overheating?

First of all, empty the dust bag. Then, check and clean the filter. Replace the bag or filter if necessary. Moreover, check the blockage in the floor tool, wand, and hose. Unplug your machine from the electric outlet and let it cool down for 30 minutes. Avoid using the appliance when it is overheated.

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Concluding Words

I hope this guide will help you fix your Kenmore Pet PowerMate that stopped working. It is suggested to apply all the troubleshooting tips. Be sure to take care of your appliance to avoid such issues in the future.

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