How To Reset Viper Alarm-4 Methods [Reset After Dead Battery]

Often, you need to reset your Viper car alarm. But, do not know the exact way. Today, I would tell you multiple reset methods. Moreover, you will also learn how to reset the alarm after charging the dead battery.

A Viper alarm can be used both for home and car security. It sirens at 10 dB when someone tries to break into your car. Hence, this system protects your vehicle from threats.

Furthermore, the device has a lot of features. However, it can malfunction sometimes. Therefore, it requires troubleshooting.

Learn to Reset Viper Alarm

There are multiple methods to reset a Viper alarm. We will discuss and apply all of them. This guide works for all versions of the Viper alarm including 4105V and 474V. Let us know how to do it


Here is a simple and quick reset method;

  1. Approach the alarm when it starts ringing. Hold the Viper remote for 10 seconds.
  2. Also, point the fob key toward your car. Let the alarm ring for 6 seconds.
  3. Next, press the “Lock” button on the key.
  4. This will reset the alarm.


  1. Access the ECU (engine control unit) of your car. It is also known as the car brain.
  2. Unplug ECU from the harness.
  3. Now, turn ON the ignition and connect the ECU to the harness.
  4. The alarm system will be shut down and reset.


All the methods mentioned above can be used to reset a Viper alarm. However, if they don’t work then follow the below guidelines;

  1. Read the user manual of your alarm to find the exact reset method. However, if you don’t have the manual, access it on the internet.
  2. Locate the model number of your Viper alarm. It should be written on some parts of the system.
  3. Open the “Viper” website, put the model number, and search for the owner’s manual.
  4. Download and read the manual.

How To Reset Viper Alarm-4 Methods [Reset After Dead Battery]

Method#4. Reset Viper Alarm After Changing the Dead Battery

The above-mentioned methods work in normal situations. While this method is specifically designed to reset Viper after changing the dead battery.

Please follow each step correctly. The reset will not be completed if you skip any step.

  1. Unlock your car with the starter remote.
  2. Now, get inside the car and leave the driver’s door open.
  3. Put the key in the ignition and turn the car ON.
  4. Do not use the remote to start the car. Instead, start it manually but do not run.
  5. Locate the “Valet/Override” button under the dashboard.
  6. Within 5 seconds of turning ON the car, press and hold the “Valet/override” button until the car horn starts beeping.
  7. Release the button when the LED indicator glows solid.
  8. Now, press the “Starter” button and the “Valet” button simultaneously.
  9. Release the buttons when the horn starts beeping again.

How to Reset Viper Remote Start

The remote start can be reset by the keyless entry method;

  1. Unlock the driver’s door with the key.
  2. Open the hood and access the black box close to the right headlight.
  3. Locate the tiny hole in the black box.
  4. Insert a paperclip inside the hole and hold it for 5 seconds.
  5. This will reset the remote starter.

How to Reprogram Viper Remote

The system needs to be reprogrammed after a complete reset. Moreover, programming instructions are also needed when you buy a new remote. Here is the step-by-step guide to programming the Viper remote again.


  1. Enter inside the car and do not close the driver’s door.
  2. Turn ON the ignition by inserting the car key.
  3. Do not run your car, just start the engine.
  4. Locate the transmitter of the car alarm system.
  5. Press the transmitter switch repeatedly 7 times.
  6. Hold the button at the 8th press. Release it when you hear a beep sound.
  7. Now, press the “Lock” button to start reprogramming.
  8. Repeat the steps again if no beep sound comes at this point.


  1. Turn ON the vehicle with the key in the ignition. But, do not start the engine.
  2. Press the “Valet” button within 5 seconds.
  3. Again press and hold the valet button until a blue light starts flashing.
  4. Reach the Viper transmitter. Press its button 2 times and hold on to the 3rd press.
  5. Release the button when an orange LED starts blinking and beeping before turning it OFF.
  6. Now, your remote is paired again with the system.

Troubleshoot: Viper Remote Not Working

Just like the alarm, the remote also needs to be reset. It fails to start sometimes or may not work. Here is how to troubleshoot the remote;

  • Check and replace the old batteries. Expired batteries and low power stop the remote.
  • Check the toggle switch and flip it to the “ON” position.
  • Check the start system under the hood pin. It is responsible to disable the start system as soon as you open the hood.
  • However, it resets automatically on closing the hood. But, it may fail to do so due to a fault.
  • So, check the remote with a Multimeter.
  • Consult a vehicle mechanic or Viper if you cannot diagnose the issue.

FAQs Regarding Viper Car Alarm System

Do you have further queries? Read the following commonly asked questions.

How much does installing a Viper alarm system cost?

This system costs from $160 to $250. You get the basic security features at this price. However, the cost also depends on the type and size of the vehicle. Moreover, the cost increases if you avail of more features.

What type of battery is used in Viper remote?

The Viper remote requires CR2016 and CR2032 batteries. These are small coin cell batteries. Replace the batteries as soon as they expire. You can buy them on Amazon or from a nearby electronic store.

How to mute my Viper car alarm temporarily?

The alarm can be temporarily turned OFF or disarmed with the “Silent” mode. Press the “AUX” button for 1 second to perform the function. The chirping sound will be disabled. The device can be activated the same way.

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Concluding Words

This guide has told you 4 methods to reset the Viper car alarm including the reset after changing the dead battery. Moreover, I also discussed the methods to reset and reprogram the remote starter. So, this article is helpful in every matter.

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