Dyson Blinking Blue Light While Charging-6 Quick Solutions

Last updated on March 25th, 2023 at 10:16 pm

Dyson vacuum cleaners are popular because of their smartness and high efficiency. Being an electronic machine, Dyson can pose functioning problems. This guide will solve the issue of a blinking blue light during charging.

You will be benefited from my personal experience as I fixed my own Dyson many times. There may be different reasons behind this issue. Let us review the causes and then the solutions.

How Dyson Battery Gets Charged?

There are 2 blue LED lights on each side of the battery. They flash ON/OFF while charging. So, it is normal if the indicators flash when you are about to charge the device.

Both LED lights blink for 5 seconds and turn OFF when the battery is fully charged. Moreover, a battery percentage of 100% is shown on the screen. Generally, it takes 4.5 hours to fully charge Dyson.

A solid blue light indicates the battery is charged and the machine is working well. A single flashing light indicates that the battery is running out of power and needs charging.

While 3 lights flashing means the battery is full. However, if the indicator keeps on blinking during charging, there is a problem.

Dyson Blinking Blue Light While Charging-6 Quick Solutions

Why Does Dyson Blinks Blue Light?

This issue arises mostly in older models that lack an LCD display. Blinking blue light always indicates an underlying problem in your machine.

Generally, it is an indication of a clogged cleaner. The filter is full of debris. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner cannot work properly. Other causes include;

  • Blocked airway
  • The dust container is full
  • The battery is not charging
  • Clogged engine filter

Troubleshooting Dyson Cleaner

As I mentioned earlier, there can be various reasons behind the issue. So, you should perform the following measures;

1. Reset Your Dyson

Resetting an electronic device is always a helpful hack. So, you should attempt to reset the battery of your Dyson;

  1. Disconnect your Dyson from the wall power outlet by unplugging the charger.
  2. Wait for 30 seconds before plugging the charge back into the socket.
  3. Now, connect the charger to your vacuum cleaner.
  4. Pull and hold the trigger for 20 seconds.
  5. Then, release it and disconnect the charger from the machine.
  6. You can now charge your device normally.

2. Attach Components Properly

A Dyson vacuum consists of different parts. They can be detached and attached when required. However, it is necessary to assemble everything correctly after detaching.

For example, you should make sure the filters are placed correctly. Moreover, check the other parts like the mop, trash bin, charger, etc.

3. Empty the Dust Bin

New users may not know the proper method of emptying the dustbin. But, it is necessary for the adequate functioning of your machine. Follow these steps to empty the bin;

  1. Hold the handle on the dust bin assembly.
  2. Press down the red button to detach the mop.
  3. Hold down the bin over the trash basket.
  4. Now, press the red bin release button.
  5. The bottom of the bin will open and the debris will fall into the trash.
  6. Finally, wipe and clean the bin with a cloth. Re-attach everything and check again.

4. Replace the Filter

A clogged filter is one of the main reasons behind the issue of blue light. However, the problem can be solved by replacing the filters. First, check the condition of the filter.

If you have not replaced it for many months, it is time to install the new one. You should always buy original filters.

Sometimes, the filters get clogged from the inside such as in V7 and V8 models. In this case, pry open the filters by loosening the screws and cleaning from the inside.

5. Clean the Motor Filter

The motor filter may be blocked from the inside. Something is trapped in it that is not visible from the outside. So, you should check it by disassembling it;

  1. Detach the dust container from the cleaner.
  2. Locate the motor filter screws and unscrew them.
  3. Detach the motor filters and clean them thoroughly.
  4. Look for any blockage or damage.
  5. Finally, put the components in place and close everything by tightening the screws.

6. Check the Charging Accessories

If everything is fine, the issue may be with the charging accessories. Therefore, your Dyson is not charging properly and blinking continuously. You need to check the charger of your machine.

Make sure that it is in good condition. Moreover, plug the charger switch firmly into the power outlet. Another important thing to check is the power outlet. Make sure it is delivering enough voltage.

Try a different power socket to charge your vacuum cleaner. The wire of the machine should also be checked. It should not be frayed out or damaged. Replace the charging accessories to solve the issue.

7. Contact Dyson

If nothing helps, unfortunately, your Dyson battery has failed. You can get it checked by a nearby professional. However, if your machine has not exceeded the warranty period, contact Dyson for customer support.

The company will solve your issue by fixing the device. If the fault is built-in you should ask for a replacement vacuum cleaner.

FAQs About Dyson

Read the following common questions that are frequently asked by users. They will help you understand your machine further.

When to replace my Dyson battery?

Generally, the Dyson Lithium-ion battery lasts longer if you maintain it properly. However, if the machine is not charging anymore, the battery needs replacement. The manufacturer gives a two-year warranty including the battery.

How to maintain the Dyson vacuum cleaner battery?

By following a few tips, you can extend the life of your device. Do not use Max/Boost mode for everyday cleaning. Instead, run your cleaner in auto or normal mode. Do not use and keep your machine in direct sunlight or in scorching places. Moreover, recharge the battery fully and properly.

How long do Dyson vacuum cleaners last?

Dyson is known to manufacture durable cleaners. A good quality Dyson cleaner can last as long as 10 years. The lifespan can extend further if you maintain the device properly. One tip is to use it in normal mode instead of max.

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Final Words

Dyson vacuum cleaner blinking blue light during charging is a very common issue. Most likely it happens due to clogged filters. However, other factors also contribute as detailed in this article. I recommend you practice all the troubleshooting hacks to fix the problem permanently.

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