Dirt Devil Vacuum Stopped Working-8 Solutions

All vacuum cleaners need maintenance after a specific time to work correctly. There may occur minor to major issues in any vacuum, regardless of the model you are using. You can solve these minor issues if you know the reason, which will save you from replacing your device. If the dirt devil stops working, something inside the vacuum needs to be fixed. Here we will discuss some of the issues in this regard.

Connection Issue

There are distinct possibilities that interrupt the connection of electricity to the vacuum. Check all of the following to make sure there is any connection problem.

  • Make sure the vacuum switch is plugged in properly. If it isn’t plugged in correctly, there will be no electricity transfer.
  • Check if the outlet in which you are plugging the switch is functioning. Use other gadgets in the same outlet to check if it’s working correctly.
  • Plug your vacuum into other outlets.
  • A broken cord of Dirt Devil will also interrupt the connection and will stop Dirt Devil from working. So proceed with making sure there is any issue with the cable.


When you overuse the vacuum, the device catches overheats. The built-in protection systems will shut down the device to protect its motor, and Dirt Devil will stop working. Give it 15-20 minutes to cool down. The other factors which may overheat the Dirt Devil are the blockage of the exhaust area inlet and the filter. So keep checking on all the issues.

Dirt Devil Vacuum Stopped Working-8 Solutions


The cordless vacuum cleaners work on charging batteries. There is no cord connected to them for direct connection with the outlet. Dirt Devil only works once the battery is appropriately charged, which generally takes 5-6 hours. If the vacuum is still not working after setting, you may need to replace its battery.

Check Rollers

Check the rollers and brushes of Dirt Devil to see if they are working correctly and spinning. If the rollers of Dirt Devil stop spinning, then most probably, these are wrapped up by some hairy materials. Remove and clean them to continue working again.

Check Hose

The clogged hose of Dirt Devil by any material will stop the vacuum from working. Examine the area where the hose is attached to the void because this area has the possibility where the blockage may occur. Check the hose and clean the debris if there is any.

Full Bin

There is a bin in the Dirt Devil vacuum where all the dirt is added after suction. If it ultimately gets full, there will be no space for the vacuum to store other dirt. And the suction for additional dirt will automatically stop. Make sure to empty the bin from time to time.


The filters in Dirt Devil will get dirty with time. The messy and clogged filters stop working in the Dirt Devil vacuum. And will make no proceeding until these are adequately cleaned.

Motor/ Motor Fan

The cause of no suction can be the obstructed motor. You can check the dirt or debris on the Motor/fan by unscrewing the screws on the Dirt Devil Gator side. Once removed, you can now quickly examine the condition.

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Final words

Above mentioned are some of the reasons which can cause Dirt Devil to stop working. We are wrapping it up with the hope that these will be helpful for you. In case of any queries, you can approach us in the comment section.

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