Dirt Devil Vacuum Reset Button-Ultimate Guide

In 1984, Royal Appliance Manufacturing introduced the Dirt Devil, a hand vacuum cleaner. It became a huge hit across the country and the rest is history. The present Royal (now TTI) manufactures a variety of flooring products. The major retailers sell these products around the country. 

Dirt Devil is a suction that pulls the deepest dirt and grime out of the carpets, rugs and fabrics. But unfortunately reviews about Dirt Devil are not really good. The experts gave it the badge of middle performer. Due to the problems reported by users. The Dirt Devil came in different types at different times. 

Classic Red Hand  

The Classic Red Hand Vac was first introduced in 1984 by Royal Appliance Manufacturing. It came with a hose to reach the spots which are hard to reach. The Classic Red Hand was updated, and more suction was added in 1996. In 2005 it was renamed Dirt Devil Classic Hand Vac. The creators also improved it then. 

Dirt Devil Vacuum Reset Button-Ultimate Guide

Broom Vac 

Broom Vac was first introduced in 1987. It was a very bad quality model. Broom Vac broke off due to the bad quality of materials. Broom Vac is often preserved by collectors because of its rarity. In 2005 Broom Vac changed completely. It gave nine color options, longer battery life introduced and more suction.  


In 2008 Dirt Devil introduced AccuCharge technology supported vacuums. AccuCharge is a cordless vacuum and saves 70% of energy than other vacuums. The Dirt Devil AccuCharge vacuum cleaners are very much appreciated by the users and are finding some worth among the users. 

Dirt Devil has different parts such as: – 

  • Dirt container 
  • Air filter 
  • Reset button 
  • A hose 
  • Motor 

And many others. 

Problems with Dirt Devil

Dirt Devil can face many problems. Some are given below: – 

Damaged Vacuum Hose 

There are many potential factors which can damage the vacuum hose, such as high heat and debris. The gaskets are supposed to provide an air-tight seal. But they can also wear out and cause leaks. 

Clogged Motor Air Filter 

A clogged-up filter overworks the Dirt Devil motor and with time this will result in the motor burn-out. A burned-out motor needs to be replaced. This can also cost a lot of money. 

Bad Suction 

Over time and extended use, it hurts the Dirt Devil. A very fine layer of particles starts to line up inside a vacuum bag. This dirt remains in that place even after the bag is emptied. The bag will not have the proper airflow needed to let the inflowing air let out. The suction dies out due to bad airflow. 

Tripped Overload    

Dirt Devil often causes nuisance tripping with AFCI circuit breakers because they produce a small amount of spark as they run. As sparks are the essentially small electrical arcs, they’ll occasionally trip your AFCI breakers, and the Dirt Devil loses power and shuts off. 

There are many steps to recover the Dirt Devil. But the first is pressing the reset button. 

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Reset Button

Dirt Devil also has a reset button. It is present on the upper left-hand side of unit. It is the site where low voltage wires connect to the unit. When the breaker is tripped the reset button pops up and is most noticeable at that time. When the Dirt Devil stops working the first thing to start the troubleshooting is to press the reset button. Dirt Devil has many modes. Sometimes it is stuck between the modes. When the reset button is pressed Dirt Devil goes back to factory mode. This might help the Dirt Devil to work back to normal. 

Dirt Devil can also show the problem of overheating. An overheated Dirt Devil shows that the motor is trying to run but it can’t. The first step to solve this problem is pressing the reset button that might solve the problem. Just press the reset button and leave the Dirt Devil for a while to cool down. 

If you are facing some major problems, you should solve them first and then after putting the Dirt Devil parts back push the reset button. This will reset the Dirt Devil back to factory mode and then you can use it according to your requirements. 

If the battery of Dirt devil is not charging well check the charger port. Examine it thoroughly to see if everything is good, push the reset button and plug the charging wire again after some time. This’ll help the Dirt Devil. 

It is clear that the first step to be taken in any of the problems is pushing the reset button. In most cases this first step takes the Dirt Devil back to normal. 

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