Dirt Devil Spitting Out Dust-An Ultimate Guide

Dirt Devil is a vacuum cleaner brand. The manufacturing of Dirt Devil was formerly done by a company known as Royal Appliance Manufacturing. This is presently done by a company known as TTI (Techtronic Industries. It is one of the fair brands in the industry. The prediction for the reliability of Dirt Devil is fair. The customer review of Dirt Devil is not quite good. It has poor ratings in terms of customer satisfaction.  

In many of the tests performed Dirt Devil has been even below expectations. There are many problems that are reported by the people using the Dirt Devil. The problems are listed below: –   

  • Overheating   
  • Tripped overload   
  • Spitting out dust   
  • Shutting down anonymously   
  • Loosing suction   

Many of the others are also there.  

Dirt Devil Spitting Dust   

This problem has been reported by the users. Dirt Devil keeps on spitting out the dust. There are some reasons for this problem.  

Dirt Devil Spitting Out Dust-An Ultimate Guide

Clogging in   

Clogging is the problem in which some hair and fiber get stuck in the hose. This hair and fiber block this debris and dirt. When excess debris is stuck the passage for the air to pass is closed and more debris cannot pass through. Due to this, debris which the roller ruffles spit out.  


  • Try to twist the hose of the Dirt Devil   
  • If the debris is solid, you can use a feather or something light to clear it out   
  • If the debris is quite resistant use something hard and thin  
  • Don’t make your Dirt Devil suck wet objects while cleaning   

Dirt Bag   

Dirt Bag is a storing part of the Dirt Devil. All the dirt is stored in this dirt bag during the cleaning process. This dirt is then cleared out of the dirt bag after the cleaning process. If you’ll not clear the dirt bag, ultimately, it’ll get full. Due to this more dirt is not able to pass into the dirt bag. This makes the Dirt Devil spit out the dirt.  


  • Service your Dirt Devil regularly   
  • Keep an eye on your dirt bag   
  • If bag is 75% full, clear it out   
  • Another key point is to check the dirt bag before starting cleaning   

Air Filter   

An air filter is a part which filters the incoming air and separates the dust. If the dirt particles are penetrating in, it also blocks them. But if you’ll not clean this air filter, it’ll block up. It’ll not filter the dust particles incoming with the air. There’ll be a probability of spitting the dust out of the Dirt Devil.  


You can escape this problem by following these simple steps: –   

Basically, there are two types of air filters   

Washable Air Filter   
  • First step is to separate the air filter from other parts of Dirt Devil   
  • Mix some detergent in the water and dip the air filter into this mixture   
  • Properly wash the air filter in that mixture   
  • Soak out all the water from air filter   
  • A damp filter will be harmful, so let it dry out completely   
Non-Washable Air Filter   
  • Expose the filter section by unscrewing the Dirt Devil   
  • Separate the air filter from other parts of Dirt Devil   
  • Take a brush and lint the dust from outer part of the air filter using your hand   
  • Generally, it is clean from inside so there is no need to clean it from inside   

If you are still facing the problem after following all these steps, then you must change your air filter. Your air filter con not run further. A new air filter should take the place of the old one at once.  


A motor in a Dirt Devil is a particularly vital part. This motor takes the electrical power from the switch and converts it into mechanical power. This mechanical power is the suction with air flowing into the Dirt Devil. If Dirt Devil meets some problem, in that case the motor can also run in the opposite direction. This will spit out the stored dirt in the dirt bag.  


There can be a problem in which wires of the motors are not in the right place. These points of connection can be wrong. The solution to this problem is simple, just connect them back to their original position accordingly.  

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Final Thoughts on Dirt Devil Spitting Out Dust  

You can face the problem of Dirt Devil spitting out the dust. You should not worry about this and should go after the solution accordingly. First, find the reason. Basically, half of your problem gets the solution if you manage to find out the problem. After realizing the problem, follow the simple steps according to your problem. This will make your Dirt Devil work normally.  

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