Dirt Devil Charge Light Blinking-5 Best Solutions

Dirt Devil is a vacuum cleaner brand. The manufacturing of Dirt Devil was formerly done by a company known as Royal Appliance Manufacturing. This is presently done by a company known as TTI (Techtronic Industries). It is one of the fair brands in the industry. The prediction for the reliability of Dirt Devil is fair. The customer review of Dirt Devil is not quite good. It has poor ratings in terms of customer satisfaction.

Dirt Devil Charge Light Blinking

There is a charging light on the side of the Dirt Devil. This light is still when the Dirt Devil is on charge. This light shows that the Dirt Devil is charging perfectly. Any unusual activity in this light indicates that the Dirt Devil is not charging well.

A blinking blue light indicates towards completion of charging. A red blinking light indicates the problem related to the charging of battery.

Dirt Devil Charge Light Blinking-5 Best Solutions


Bad Battery or Charger

If you have a habit of briefly running your Dirt Devil, your battery will develop a memory and will misbehave. It will assume that it is full but in fact it’ll not be full and will not charge. If you charge your Dirt Devil constantly or overcharge it, then it can also damage your battery.

The charger of your Dirt Devil can also be a blemish. Examine the charger properly and be sure of the damage.

Bad Port

If the charging port of your Dirt Devil is defective the battery will not charge properly. Just check for any kind of obstruction. If you are using your Dirt Devil for a long time, then it can be the result of normal wear after considerable use.


Sometimes the contacts have corroded, and your Dirt Devil will not charge because of this. Check the contacts present on the charger and the Dirt Devil itself for signs of corrosion. The charging contacts on the Dirt Devil should be clean.


If your Dirt Devil is facing a clogging problem or its air filter is very dirty, it may overheat. In this case not only the problem is charging, but it will be dangerous to plug it in. If it is too hot after you finish your cleaning, then it is overheating.


Drain Battery

If your Dirt Devil is not charging and it hasn’t completely drained, then drain it. Turn your Dirt Devil on and drain its battery until it gets empty. After that, turn it off and let it cool for some time. If you plug in the charger now, it’ll charge.

Replace the Charger

Most of the time charger is the main problem. If there are signs of corrosion on the contacts of your charger, then it is the problem. Now you should buy a new one compatible with your Dirt Devil model. You should also check the charging ports.

Replace the battery

It is often noticed that most of the Dirt Devil lasts about 6 years. If you have been using it for that long, it should not be surprising. Just replace it immediately. In some models’ batteries do not last 6 years. Just consider this too.


1- Why is it called Dirt Devil?

It is given this name by the manufacturers as it is red in color and is claimed to be a devil against dirt.

2- Can we use a Dirt Devil vacuum on hardwood floors?

Dirt Devil is designed with continuous suction power and hardly misses any spot during cleaning, so you can use it on hardwood floors.

3- How long does it take to fully charge a Dirt Devil?

You can leave it to charge without worrying about overcharging. The system cuts down the current when it notices that the battery is full. It takes almost 6 hours to charge fully.

4- Why is my Dirt Devil not charging?

If your Dirt Devil is facing this problem, examine it thoroughly. The charging port can be a malfunction. It is present beneath the handle of Dirt Devil. Ensure that the port is not broken or malfunctioning.

5- How you’ll know that there is a need to change the battery of Dirt Devil?

If the Dirt Devil is not switching on or is staying on for some time, even after switching it off. Then this might be the time to replace the battery of your Dirt Devil.

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Final Thoughts on Dirt Devil Charge Light Blinking

A blue blinking light is a good sign as it shows that the battery is completely charged. A red blinking light is a bad sign as it tells us about the defect in charging the battery. So, take precautions about the battery. If you face such a problem, first identify the reason for this problem and then solve it according to that problem.

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