Dirt Devil Blinking Blue Light-An Ultimate Guide

Dirt Devil was introduced at the end of the 19th century by a company named Royal Appliance Manufacturing. They manufactured and sold millions of units till 2004. They sold 24 million units till 2004. After that, the company was sold to TTI (Techtronic Industries) of Hong Kong. However, Dirt Devil is not the top-most vacuum cleaner brand, but it has made its worth in the market. Dirt Devil has built up enough credit from its customers that it can hold its own in today’s market. 

Dirt Devil Battery Charging 

In Dirt Devil a battery is charged by electricity. The switch is plugged into the board and electricity runs into the lithium battery. This electrical energy is changed into chemical energy and is stored in the battery. This is done by a process known as electrolysis. 

Flowing electrons always carry kinetic energy in the form of electrical energy. When these moving electrons hit the other material’s chemically bonded electrons, they incite a chemical reaction. This chemical process is termed electrolysis. This chemical reaction constructs a new molecule that retains the energy in chemical form. 

Dirt Devil Blinking Blue Light-An Ultimate Guide

Dirt Devil Blinking Blue Light 

There is a small light on the side of the Dirt Devil. Still blue light shows that the battery of Dirt Devil is on charge. The battery is charging healthily. When this blue light Starts blinking it shows that the battery has been fully charged and it’s time to unplug the charger. If the red light is blinking, then your Dirt Devil is not in charge. The battery is not charging healthily. In such a condition you must find the problem and solve it accordingly. 

Continuous Blue Light 

A continuous blue light appears when a Dirt Devil is put on a charge. This continuous blue light shows that the battery is charging successfully. A Dirt Devil battery gets full after almost 6 hours of plugging it in. A Dirt Devil can continuously clean for 12 hours on a full battery. 

Blinking Blue Light 

When Dirt Devil is on charge and its battery gets full the blue light starts blinking. It is the time when you need to immediately switch off the charging plug. If you’ll not switch off the plug, it will damage the battery. If you will not switch off the plug for a long time, then here are some effects that you will face 

  • The battery might not charge fully again. 
  • Battery timing might get affected. 
  • The charging time of the battery might get affected. 
  • It might overheat the Dirt Devil. 
  • It might affect the working of the Dirt Devil. 
  • It may also affect the motor of Dirt Devil with the low supply of energy. This can harm the motor very much. 
  • It then leads to full battery damage. Now the battery is not able to charge. 

Blinking Red Light 

A blinking red light means that the battery is not charging efficiently. There is a need to replace the battery or repair the battery. This problem can be due to many reasons, but overcharging is also one of them. As we know the battery of Dirt Devil gets fully charged in almost 6 hours. But if it is charged way longer than this it can make the battery dead. This will be a big problem. 

So just maintain your charging routine. 


1-How do you know when your Dirt Devil is fully charged? 

The light on the Dirt Devil will let you know when its battery is full. The blue light will start blinking. 

2-Can you replace the battery in a Dirt Devil? 

Yes, you can replace the battery in Dirt Devil with a new one. You will need this if the old battery is not working properly or is dead.

3-How long is Dirt Devil’s warranty? 

Usually, the Dirt Devil gives a lifetime limited warranty for all the permanently installed parts. But all the other hoses and attachments come with 3 years of warranty. 

4- What does a blinking red light shows? 

A blinking red light shows that the battery is not charging. There is a need to repair or replace the battery. 

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Final Thoughts 

Dirt Devil blinks at the blue light when the battery charges are full. So, you should remove the battery from charging immediately. If you do this, it will increase the lifetime of the battery of your Dirt Devil. If you ignore this exercise, the battery of Dirt Devil will have a damaging effect on it. This will cause the battery to die and ultimately you will have to replace it with a new one. 

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