Car Backup Camera Black Screen-6 Effective Solutions

The car backup camera shows no image but a black screen is one of the common issues. I heard a lot of vehicle owners complaining about it. This issue also occurred to me when I replaced the old one.

But, do not worry. You can fix the issue very easily. Just try the troubleshooting tricks that will be explained in this guide.

Understanding the Problem

The display turns dark whenever the car is reversed. Most likely, it happens when you install a new camera. However, in some cases, a perfectly working camera gives a black screen suddenly.

This situation has two conditions. In most cases, the screen is totally black without any text on it. While in other cases, the black screen displays some text prompt that is generally wrong.

Diagnosing the Reasons

I would tell you the solutions for both conditions. However, before that let us understand the causes. Here are some common reasons behind a black display issue;

  • The car trunk is not closed properly.
  • The trunk is closed but its sensors are malfunctioning. The head unit will ask you to close the trunk.
  • The camera is defective or the lens is broken.
  • The head unit is not getting the required 12V power.
  • The connection between the reversing light and the reverse camera is loose or unstable.
  • The wiring is wrong or the cables are broken.

Car Backup Camera Black Screen-6 Effective Solutions

Fixing the Reverse Camera Black Screen

So, the above list mentions the common reasons. Next, you have to fix them. Try the below-mentioned troubleshooting hacks;

Fix#1. Close the Trunk Firmly

First of all, check the trunk of your car. Close its lid firmly. Make sure the lid latches properly. Otherwise, check its sensors.

After closing, look at the screen. If it is asking you to close the trunk, repair the sensors. Go to a mechanic shop to change the sensors.

Fix#2. Provide Required Power

The camera system requires an ACC 12V power. Likewise, the head unit also needs a power supply. Unplug and replug the power cord. Make sure the head unit is powered ON, its indicator should be glowing.

Moreover, check the power cord is connected correctly. Some people mistakenly connect the 12V power to the reversing light. It leads to a black screen or no image issue.

Fix#3. Examine the Circuit

View the circuit diagram in the user manual. The ground wire should be connected to the metal body of the car. The connection of the delay box may be wrong.

Moreover, the wires are going through a false path toward the camera. Correct wiring can solve the issue.

Fix#4. Reset the Head Unit

The head unit, stereo, or display screen of your car is the culprit. So, it would be best if you troubleshot it by restarting and resetting it. I do not know which brand head unit is installed in your car.

The reset method is not the same for all brands. However, here I am telling you a general method;

  1. Turn ON the head unit or stereo.
  2. Press and hold the Power and function buttons at the same time.
  3. Release the buttons when the unit restarts.
  4. Another way is the factory reset.
  5. Locate the reset pinhole on your car stereo.
  6. Insert a paperclip into the hole. Keep it holding until the screen resets itself.

Fix#5. Clean the Camera

Moisture can damage the camera of your car if it is not waterproof. Did the black screen show after washing the car? It indicates that water has entered the system.

You should clean the camera lens and other parts. Put a little amount of black sealant on the hole where the wires go into the camera.

Fix#6. Camera is Faulty

The camera itself may be faulty. That’s why it is not showing any images. Remove the lid or cover from the lens and check the image. Also, inspect the camera, the lens may be broken.

In this case, you have to install a new device. But, before that, you can test the camera. Remove it from the car and connect it to a monitor. The monitor should be compatible with the video images.

Provide 12V or higher ACC power to the camera. If it does not work there, purchase a new one.

FAQs Related to Backup Camera

Do you have further queries? Read the following commonly asked questions.

Is it possible to use a dashcam as a backup/reverse camera?

Yes, you can use it if it works like the backup camera. The dash cam should be able to flip the rear video feed horizontally. Otherwise, the left and right images will be reversed. Hence, you will see everything opposite and wrong. Install it at the rear bumper for the best view.

Can a car backup camera record at night?

Almost, all reverse cameras feature night vision. So, they can work and record in the dark just like they do in the daylight. Check this feature before choosing a camera for your vehicle.

How to protect my reverse camera from rain?

You should choose a camera with an IP69 rating. Moreover, you should apply hydrophobic fluid. Coat the lens with Rain-X. Hence, the mud, debris, and rain will not damage it.

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Concluding Words

I have explained all the ways to fix your car backup camera’s black screen. Hopefully, it is working well now. Keep following for more information and technical assistance.

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